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Lily Jacobson was abducted to be the bride for a cursed king. She needed to discover the truth behind the shape-shifting citizens and their cursed fate before the gate to Earth closed. If she was unable to break their curse within a fortnight, she would be forced to remain within… Read More
Clara Roderikson lived within a district of Rainsomore on the right side of the wall. Every three years the Talent Trails gave the Doves a chance to become Lovelies. Only ten winners were selected, and they could choose up to three family members to relocate to the City of Jewels.… Read More
Psychology graduate Ellie Masters doesn't know what her next step will be or what she wants. After breaking up with her long term boyfriend she knows she has to get as far away from her mediocre life as possible. She soon finds a great job that pays well and… Read More
Idia thought she'd never be able to see Troy again. She lives with the regret of never having opened up to him. But her whole life changes when she gets a chance to go back in time. A chance to change her past, present and future. With three others… Read More
Those who have read the last two books know whats going on. Have not made a good summary yet will post it when I figure it out. Also this whole book has not gone through editing. I know there are errors and I will eventually fix them. Read More
After surviving a living hell, Page and Kidd continue on their path to NY. With the news on the radio reporting more and more incidents of violence and attacks by raiders, Page fears what horrors await them on the road ahead. She begins to second guess her choice to continue… Read More
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