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The Booksie Classic House

This sweet love story of two couples in high school becomes even more romantic when they enter university. Guess how the two couples manage to date each other with such love and respect even when they are out of time, preparing for tests in university and trying to find their… Read More

Poem / Poetry

September 10, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

Have you ever worked your brain so hard that you feel that you need a break? Well that's what this poem is all about. It stems from my days overworking my brain in graduate school. Read More

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Auf Deutsch. Das ist ein Brief, der an ca. 5 Universitäten unter meinem wirklichen Namen gesandt war, sie aber ihm keine Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt haben. Weil er jedoch sehr interessante (meiner Meinung nach) Vorschlage und viele Ideen enthält, habe ich mir entschlossen, ihn in anonymisierter Form (d.h. als Myrski) hier veröffentlichen.… Read More
This is an early epic in my writings. Old is gold. :) Read More

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The first issue of a multi-topic, facts and opinion newsletter which at the time was written for my snailmail team on ETSY and my shop...... Read More
Now, scoring top marks isn''t a headache at all! Read More

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Short Story / Other

March 28, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

The foundations of a groups friendship are addressed as they sit inside their local pub on a weekend. Read More
"Your grades are getting in the way of our relationship!" Hope. Hope is losing. For Luna Donaldson and Mike Bluejay, because of HOPE, love is losing. Luna Donaldson, is a nerd, but everyone claims she has a beautiful shadow inside. Although due to her strict parents, she tries hard to… Read More
Sometimes it gets unbearable when you've got something new and there is no one around you can share your excitement with. The hero of this story was learning for too long. And now he is going to fight for his right to share what he has learned... Read More
Sa'ti listens to Kaj's heartbeat one night, and reflects on exactly what that means to him. Read More
A man named Charles goes through the five stages of grief through a metaphorical journey after the loss of his family. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Sorry i have to go explicit… Just bin factual… ADULTS ONLY!! Have You Noticed? 1. If you suck one nipple, the woman herself offers the other one. And that was the origin of “buy one get one free”! 2. Everything on a woman’s upper body starts with a “B”. Blouse,… Read More
My story, expected to be in around 5 parts. Read More
When Vanessa's Bible study goes to the library to tell random people about Jesus, she had no idea the affect she would have on the girl she talked to for less than a minute. And to think that Vanessa's friends had told her to stay away from the girl. Read More
When an intruder steps into Doctor Holt's house, he finds himself caught in a deadly game of Russian roulette. Read More

Book / Horror

November 02, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

A nightmarish supernatural horror adventure about a college student who finds a creepy book. Read More
"I wouldn't call myself an outsider, because I have some friends. But I would call us outsiders -me and my friends- because that's what we are" 14-year old Amy is an airheaded, and pretty lonely girl. She has good grades and a pretty boring life. Her mom forces her to… Read More
A case study on an individual with a horrid past and how his development suffered from his early traumatic experiences. Read More
I was reading through a geography textbook when while reading a fact about the Malthusium theory something came to mind quickly, This thought is what I thought to share here. Read More
This is some opinion and insight I have in mind, with all concerns of getting an MA in Literature despite of having a different degree. Read More
This is just some Korean that I'm practicing. Read More
This is just a few practice Korean sentences I wrote, to practice the grammar rules. Read More
Provides a unique analysis of the key 'Life Cycles' years (ie.24/36/48) in the life and career of leading Australian fashion designer Collette Dinnigan. Perfect correlation between her major turning points/new directions and the theory. Read More
This is a short story I wrote in Korean, to practice using the different tenses (past tense, present tense, and future tense). Read More
This is just a short paragraph I wrote in Korean to help myself practice. Read More
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