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twists and turns and off we will glide, under the sea and off for a ride, above and below the fictional tide, the reader goes a-hunting! --- this story might fit in several categories, but just one is offered. it will do. Read More
The dramatic opening to a story of switching dimensions in a way never dreamed of before. Read More
A Giant Squid attacks a Submarine. Read More
It is WWII. An Allied naval force embarks on a mission to sabotage a Nazi supply route but little do they expect that their mission has already been compromised and may lead to a very sticky end. Read More
Waikiki beach, read so much about it, for so long, I am here now, thought Juggernaut stepping onto the beach. The fine white sand was soft to walk on but the water was cold, true it was January but in Hawaii, with air temperatures in 80’s, one would expect tolerable… Read More
more pre-selected titles . . . bradbury this time. a moment of hilarity occurred when i was trying to explain the poem to my brother -- "[I didn't really have any intended meaning in this poem]...I just thought "The Day it Rained Forever," like, everything would go underwater and s**t..."… Read More

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June 15, 2008

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The Booksie Classic House

I wrote this based on a different picture then the one I am posting with it. However, they are similar. A submarine emerging from water as it shoots to plooms of yellow from its cannons at a doomed battle ship. I hope you can get my imagery. Read More
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