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The Review Chain House

Within a big corporation, a secret group of men holds a competition with each other to find the true alpha male in the group. To determine this, they all have a limited time to choose a target, prepare, and then get her to willingly submit herself to them. The… Read More
This fell out of my hands but it is really a reflection of the qualms I have with overly religious types. This is not a needle in the eye of any one religion though. It is really just a symbol for any belief that is so fogged that it causes… Read More
O! well, hello there, friend. Please, come in, you're certainly welcome here! Step into my tavern, where fantasy writers reside in comfort. Ah, you're just in time for my contest, dear friend! It is a contest of fantasy -- whatever fantasy you like! Are you interested? Thank you, I know.… Read More
I honestly don't know what is this. But it just kind of made its way on the paper.. I just, really really don't know why :D Read More
The Vampire Prophecies tells a exciting story about vampires who lived on earth eons ago. Read More
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