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A gay teens suicide note that take you through his last days on earth. It's the sad truth about what society can do to a person.... The world is ugly. Read More
i wrote this as an intellectual excersize to try and make myself feel better with everything happening in my didn't work :( don't worry this is NOT a real suicide note Read More
These are the last words of Conrad Dover Smith, a once famed politician- his confession. Read More
A boy who is coming to terms with who he really is becomes afraid that he is gay and hates himself, until a mysterious guy enters his life. Read More

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No one would suspect popular cheerleader Emily Green to be the type who cries herself to sleep or hugs a stuffed animal close to her chest for comfert or talks to herself in a way to help the lonliness. No one would suspect that she'd be unhappy in her life.… Read More

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a short little story I wrote. it's suicide. I was crying writing it, but its not a tear-jerker. please read. Read More

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The short story 'Stoic Last Stand' is about a girl that has the urge to commit suicide. The reason? To be revealed in the story. Read More

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so I thought of a challenge Used to be my own thing but i wonder how people will make of was actually basically i real suicide note meant for my parents after my death but now it is of no use for me... Read More

Poem / Poetry

November 15, 2009

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NOT TRUE...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read More
A short letter sent by James to his parents two days prior to his suicide in 2006. Read More

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