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The sun awakens me from the darkness of the night. It warms my face in its golden glow. It is the dawning of another day. Read More
The sound of Church bells shatters the silence of the Sunday morning quiet along the slumbering Rio Grande. It is the dawning of another day, as the hot bright sun begins to materialize in the cloudless sky. A dog bark in the distance joins the sounds of the Sunday morning… Read More
I wake up. The sun shining, the wind blowing, and the world still spinning, revolving and evolving in its melancholy dance amid the cold and black expanse of perpetual space. And I once again wake up to ponder and to wonder as the Sunday morning blues invades the confines of… Read More
It is Sunday again. The longest day of the week for me. A day to rest and contemplate. But unfortunately, it is always Sundays when I feel the weight of all I’ve said and done and seen throughout this extended life of mine. For when the body rests, the mind… Read More
It’s a rainy Sunday morning – the kind of Valley morning that brings back memories of simpler times and gentler ways. It stirs within me the flames of my childish dreams and my youthful passions, and all because of the sound of the rain and the smell in the air.… Read More
Sunday mornings always make me think. I wake up and my mind begins to spin. Too quickly my eyes adjust to the brand new day. I see the sun filtering in through the unshaded windows and feel its warmth begin to embrace my awakening soul. Church bells chime in the… Read More
Sundays are always a wonderous day of solitude and separateness. A day to wonder and to ponder. A day of reflection and contemplation. But most of all, a day to listen to the muted voice inside of you and feel the texture of the energy of life, so fragile and… Read More
I love to hear the sound of rain. It invigorates my stirring soul, and revitalizes the colors and the fragrance of the awakening day. It is the sound of rain on the window panes that clears away the cobwebs of my dreams and of my illusions. Read More

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We are but reflections in the whirling pool of time. Ever-changing images and shadows, grasping at the golden rays of light. Read More

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Youth got caught stealing and is taught a lesson by villagers. Read More

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A woman thinks about her relationship and Monday... Read More
The essay below is a follow-up to my previous essay: "The Myth of a Wednesday Crucifixion" Read More
this short story is kinda unstructured but i could care less, just thought i would write something. Read More

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a pit bull poem for Sunday Read More

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poem about Sunday rain Read More

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This poem about how a man can kill his wife. Not just by hitting he can kill by the pain he causes to make her feel so sad. Read More
A spiritual battle is waged for a sinner's soul. Read More
a boy and girl after a church service one Sunday in 1962 Read More

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Poem / Poetry

October 21, 2014

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Never sure that one needs to write a summary so that people can enjoy a poem? Ha ha! I wonder how long it takes my "old" fans to realise I have actually published something new? 2 poems in one month? What is Anna's world coming to? Read More

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This story is about a young boy who share some positive experiences he had at a neighborhood Lutheran church. Read More
locusts take over a church Read More
The teacher was rendered speechless by the child's answer Read More
Nothing of significance ever happens in Orange Grove until ... Read More

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April 03, 2013

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Poem / Poetry

April 01, 2013

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Mindspill....a man spilling his thoughts onto a bit of the internet. Means whatever one wants it to mean. Read More
A depressed boy gets a second chance at life, but not all is what seems. Read More
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