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The Review Chain House

Magical items are the power of the world. Some items are too powerful so they are banned. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A snippet inspired by Mr Robert Rankin's Leopard print suit and an homage to his style. Read More
Former Super Villain, Steven Salt, has decided to turn his back on his life of crime and try to live life as a regular citizen. Unfortunately for him, his arch-nemesis Captain Masterson can't leave the past behind him and is going out of his way to prove to the people… Read More
Howdy Heroes, my name is Roxis Kowaki and I'm a comic author in the making. This is an older comic of mine and is the second hero I've ever created. Johnathan is a slacker of a teenager and his every day life consist of sleeping in, barely passing classes, dealing… Read More
Created to be the perfect killer Ian Drake uses his incredible abilities to protect the city he has come to call home. Ian Drake is the first story in a series called The Contrex Files. Look for the installment Winston James coming soon!! Read More
A starting Chapter to a super hero story like none other it's A story told from multiple points of view about a brewing war between Conduits( people with superpowers) and Hunters who have nearly brought them to extinction . From a man on the search for his long lost sister,… Read More
Part two of City of False Hope, picks up were that s left off. Read More
My first two stories combine in this one so read Blaze of Glory and Matsumoto: Rising Star first. BoG might not be as necessary but still. Read More
a story about myself, sorta, after gaining super powers and meeting up with an interesting bunch of fighters. Fan fiction comic kind of thing in the works. Read More
This is about a young Jewish boy who finds out that his life changed drastically after the Holocaust... Read More
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