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Valueless chav is my DCU online character, I decided to write about him but for the sake of helping me to organise my thoughts I made lore stories for his villains this is the first. Read More
A teaser for my second story. Several days after the events that lead to the capture of the murderous archer that plagued Newcastle city for almost a month. The toon becomes even more unusual when the rumors about the girl with a special gift turn out to be true as… Read More
What if something happened that devastated your home town? If you had the chance to save only a few of the people you care about, who would it be? After a mysterious explosion rocks the small, rural town of Cedar Rivers, the vast majority of the population disappears. In… Read More
The first story of a separate location but still connected to my Rising Star story arc. New Characters, new city, same world. Read More

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February 21, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

What would the world actually be like if superheroes exist? The Gift tells the story of a boy name Raito learning that he possesses something called a Gift and now wishes to become a superhero thanks to the new powers he has. However, he's not the only Gift that exist.… Read More
slowly forgotten outcast, whether it be school, home, or even just the world. grayson brink fits the description. all his life not knowing where he's come from, who his parents even are, all he knows is he's not wanted. but, little does he know that he's about to be… Read More

Book / Fantasy

September 09, 2017

A group of young men and women are involved in a terrible incident, leaving many other dead. As the days go by things in their lives change with no explanation. Follow this group of survivors as the world around changes and unravels. Read More
Being raised in the streets wasn't an easy up bringing for Carlos. Growing up doing all the wrong doings Carlos has crossed over to the good side and is trying to live a life of justice by trying to repent for his mistakes as well as covering up his dark… Read More
The continued story of the Rising Star saga, Gen. William Savage returns from Blaze of Glory to eliminate Jace, other problems in the city of Willoway Bay. Read More
Regular humans taking on super powered meta humans. Read More

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This story goes along with the M:RS. The main character eventually joins the other group but this is the origin. As far as I can tell, there is absolutely nothing I can add to extend this story but I could be wrong, let me know. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Hey, this is a 'short' story that I wrote for English in school a few months ago. I don't know if I'm gonna type up the whole thing or not yet. Since this was for actual work it is longer than my other stories, though not long enough for me… Read More
Here, I will bring the multi-verse of FinalOrbit of my own creation. There will be a series of stories published here a chapter at a time, when one story is complete I will write another. All stories are connected in a grand-scheme master plan. Our first series starts with a… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

First full chapter of my book. Would appreciate constructive criticism. It is a short story so please don't expect over 90,000 words. I did upload the first part of this but after the positive comments I received I decided to post the rest. Thank you. Read More
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