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I sneak out at night and vandalise my neighbourhood because I'm poor and angry. My dad sneaks out at night and works because his family poor and he's angry. We wear masks. What will happen when we collide? Read More
A plea to help support Syndicate X Read More
You make me feel like Batman A lonely Bruce Wayne Just Like Wally West I'm always running away I wish I was a Grayson Flying through your mind But not even Superman Could same me in time Read More
I'm a real Marvel nerd and Stan Lee is the creator of Marvel. I wrote this for him because his superheroes gave me the strength to live each and every day. Read More
Joker and Harley's daughter Mimic causes chaos wherever she goes, especially when she goes near Robin. Read More

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October 19, 2013

Some families are forged through marriage, through birth, or through adoption. But there are those – albeit few – that are forged by defiance: unintended by-products of a hierarchy’s oppression. Walthis Crane was blessed with the ability to view the souls of those who walk among us. To this introverted… Read More
[Read the first 5 chapters of the upcoming novel "NightRise and NightFall" and feel free to comment your thoughts on the book.]In the Futuristic world of New York City 2025, scientists created an element with the power and energy to advance technology. When they discovered the element was too powerful… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A budding young metahuman gives a recount of the first time he tried to use his powers for good. Read More

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The story begins with four teens having a fairly normal high school day, but they are suddenly swept into a world of secracy and death that is much bigger than them when they are told they must save the world from an evil man named Mr. Palpable. They find out… Read More
A young Prince from planet Saturn is forced to leave his planet and go to Earth after his girlfriend is brutally murdered before his eyes. Once he gets there he is faced with a decision. Is he there to get vengeance or is he there to protect the people? Read More
The Carters get a mysterious new Foster kid, but things about her aren't like other kids... for instance, how can she hold a suitcase that weighs as much as a small vehicle? And how come she's always pulled out of classes? Will her history hold the key to the rest… Read More
In the near future, the City of Palamont is slowly falling under the influence of the "Crews" a new spin on the common Street Gang, the Crew's and their Bosses are ruthless, cunning, and diverse, and the people are beginning to suffer... Enter the Outcasts, a small band of misfits,… Read More
In the not so distant future, within a that is slowly falling into crime, corruption and vice, a group of loners with extraordinary gifts and checkered, sorrow filled pasts, will band together for safety, stand together for honor, and fight together for justice and the people who live in a… Read More
The story of the Heroes of December City and their struggle against Dr. Jane Leadon's Cyborg army. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This book is about a man who discovers a power he has after a near death experience. He discovers how he can expand his power to something that is unheard of. He chooses to use his power to the greater good but becomes greedy. This is only the beginning and… Read More
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