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The story follows a young boy named Frederick whom is sheltered his entire life until the age of 7 when he learns a secret about the world that was hidden from him. Everytime a human reaches the age of ten a special ring materializes from their left hand if they… Read More
This novel is about three teenagers girl got superpowers after they hold a strange yellow stone . They also met a supervillain in the way . This is actually my first novel that I ever published . Big thanks to my brother for giving ideas about the powers . *… Read More
Alexander Andre is a man who is bored with the world, there is nothing interesting about it in his eyes. He has decided to join the military. He's not doing it for glory or wealth or adventure. He just loves the thrill and wants to change his uneventful life. Little… Read More
This is the surprising and unexpected comeback of genius detective Oliver Reid who also has some strange abilities to aid his crime solving. Read More
A child/teen novel I am writing about a girl with a special talent, who will eventually travel. It sounds childish, but please read and give constructive criticism. Read More

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Set in the future of the Milky Way galaxy Event Horizon tracks the story of a band of outcasts and their Ambition. The Era is changing and the world is turning... Read More
A story of soldiers, they have been mutated to become the ultimate soldier, this is the story of Tiyumi and her rise to power. The year is 2064, and many of the worlds governments have collapsed, the only salvation was the Shonian, Terrian and Gairin Empires working in the background… Read More
An invisible man ruined the best thing that ever happened to him. Now he must watch his life unwind as the girl of his dreams gets married. Read More
Ursa Meyer was just a normal twenty-year-old college student, until she began to develop an ability that was hardly normal. Soon she finds herself in the hands of a mysterious organization known as CERBERUS, and learns that she's not the only one with powers that go way beyond the mundane. Read More
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