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This is a world where our greatest minds decided to fix the energy problem. It was called Project Zenith: a machine designed to draw energy from the stars and bring immeasurable power. However, on its opening day on new years, it was called by a very different name. Genesis as… Read More
what teenager doesn't want to have the fate of the world resting on their shoulders? michael. michael doesn't want to have anything more serious than his next history test resting on his shoulders. unfortunately for michael, his twin sister mikayla sees saving the world as a great morning warm-up. then… Read More
like many heroes, cam doesn’t know what it feels like to be weak. but she does know what it’s like to be different. she's a hyperactive 10-year-old with superhuman strength and absolutely no attention span. cam lives in a city that was built on top of a giant crack leading… Read More
Jett, a college student and secret superhero, has to face problems both on the job and in his daily life. Hopefully these problems don't get the best of him. TW: Gore, violence, and death. I actually was inspired to write this from a tumblr post, but I can't find the… Read More

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The "Shadow Knight" saga begins when Kagae Kishi, gifted with incredible powers after a childhood accident, becomes a shadowy vigilante to take revenge on the serial Killer who killed his sister. Read More
Like many heroes, Cam doesn’t know what it feels like to be weak. But she does know what it’s like to be different. She's a hyperactive 10-year-old with superhuman strength and absolutely no attention span. Cam lives in a city that was built on top of a giant crack leading… Read More
John Malcolm-Nakamura was Japan's greatest super hero, the Red Panda, until he failed to stop his arch-nemesis from taking over the country. As a result, the Tribunal of Super Heroes banished him to Absurd Hero World, a city in another dimension, where all subpar super-humans live in exile. Determined to… Read More

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September 19, 2020

Everyone's heard of the Guardians. They're the world's most famous and well-respected superhero team. Any kid who's dreamt of becoming a superhero has set their sights on the Guardians at some point. For young telepath, Keiko Murakami, that dream is about to become a reality. But before being accepted into… Read More
Vansel Being,the King of Werewolves and ruler of the werewolf clan has now returned home after taking part in the battle of humanity with other heroes. Now trying to be nothing more than a good king and protect his people,unwanted trouble finds him in the form of a group of… Read More
Being a teenager isn't easy especially when you've got to manage work and school life together. Sofia is such a teenager. Strange things begin to happen to her after she falls into icy sea water in the Arctic. What are those things ? Can Sofia manage that too ?? Read More
A fun and honest interview between the narrator and a hero nobody with superpowers living in the real world. Read More

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Jason State returns as The Justice Warrior in the third book of his trilogy. After the events of the United Strikers where he and his girlfriend super heroine Moonlight worked with five other heroes to stop an invasion of Earth,the couple decides to go for a vacation around the world,helping… Read More
"For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required." Leia Hamilton can move things and set them on fire with her mind. Leia's father and step-mother tried to hide their past: a time when they were part of a team of superheroes. But despite being disbanded for… Read More
This award winning comedy monologue has a 'heroic' twist in the tail... Read More
The Rift sealed within Mt. Quetzal has cracked, bringing forth the Five Horsemen who seek to prepare Earth’s reality for the coming of the Unifier. The only hope humanity has lies in the descendants of the ancient superheroes known as the Elemental Ascendant. Ki, the immortal Guardian of the Spirits,… Read More

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April 01, 2020

Science fiction themed poem on Coronavirus 2019 Read More
One man has transcended the stoner trope to become the hero we need in these trying times. He sees through space and time. He yearns for salty snacks. He often misplaces his keys. He is.... The Mind Expander! Read More
For one-hundred and seventy two years the Devil has been in hiding. Tucked away between each and every star and galaxy, never to be found... until today. His father has discovered him in hiding on Earth and requests his return Hell, but he soon finds it difficult to strike a… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

For Grandma Read More
Deadpool has to kill every Stan Lee cameo to save the Marvel comic universe. Read More
this is my take on a reddit writing prompt: As a superhero, you have very little time for yourself. Your mental health has plummeted, and your nemesis has noticed. One day, you break inside their lair to find them seated at the table with a cup of tea. They ask… Read More
Which path with Squared choose? Read More
Even a hero can make a mistake... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Set in the same universe as the rest of my books, The hidden superhuman society of Seronia has fallen in a massive civil war between the freedom fighters,the Liberties and the communists,Vengeance Knights led by Novalight and Omega respectively. The remainder of the Liberties are now scattered in the human… Read More
The saga begins. A young boy named Tyler spends an evening with his brother David, and their two cousins Joe and Nick. But tonight will not be a typical family visit, and after starting an innocent game of Hide and Seek, Tyler - the appointed seeker - will learn an… Read More
In the year 2019, a strange light anomaly occurs in the atmosphere of earth. Exactly two weeks after this stranger occurrence, a few people started to exhibit strange abilities. Now, an uninteresting man with no past, or future must survive in a world where monsters, both humans and not, are… Read More

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Jeice, Andrew and Lazuli, special members of the Green Ribbon Humanitarian Organization travel to the South African wilds to investigate rumors of a bizarre disease sweeping the land. They hoped to get through it quickly but the search just might prove to be more than it seemed. -This story is… Read More

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Following the events of the United Strikers, Ancient War General Zhide returned to the modern world,finding everything around him new and unexplained.With the help of Draco,General Zhide returned to China where he joined a government organization,the A.D.E.I who has a squad of superhumans in their command,protecting Asia from threats. Katashi,a… Read More
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