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Luke Miles is a researcher who finds missing people. However, there is one case he has yet to solve. His daughter has run away from home, and he does everything to try and find her. But when he finds out the real reason why she has run away, his world… Read More
a blind date leads to something else for Sydney and Luca . Sydney and Luca return from there travels abroad Luca wants Sydney to move in but for him to do that Luca needs to set Tobin free in order for Sydney and Luca to have a life together . Read More
(Trigger warning: Harsh language, Abuse, Slavery, Excessive Violence, Injustice) The Celestial is a symbol of the divine, a pillar which stretches high into the heavens. It is worshipped for the blessings it brought upon the world; extraordinary power, revolutionary tools, and beings beyond understanding. Bearing its power will not only… Read More
As the population of Earth reaches the climax of evil leadership and conflict, Lumaris escapes his imprisonment and Asrathe realizes his alliance with Lumaris has only brought pain. Read More
Long ago Cretius destroyed the mechanical army Asrathe made to fight him, but two of the damaged robots crashed to Earth. One of them began to understand the difference between good and evil, and the other remained intent on destroying the living. Read More
After being bound for many years, Adrias, the vampire, is revived in a laboratory and escapes, finding he likes the modern times and deciding to take over a large city and make it his kingdom. Read More
A special team of officers in Hitler's inner circle attempt to perfect a mega bomb and the air force needed to bring the entire planet's governments to their knees. Read More
Valeria Rose, young as she is beautiful; yet ignored by so many in school and shunned by one: A normal girl, hoping to be loved in the eyes of the only one. Trying to rekindle an old flame, but she will soon learn that it is so much harder than… Read More
Several lives intertwine to tell a darkly twisted story about the choices and consequences it took to move forward in life. Whether it's the life of an assassin or a serial killer with a possessive personality. Indulge into a whole new experience today! Read More
Richard Dickens is a scientist in Houston Texas whose mission is to go into the past and video document the meteor that kills the dinosaurs, paving the way for human evolution. Dickens takes a company of other scientists into a classified time travel machine to go into the past, but… Read More
In book two, Protos's story goes back to the beginning when the once tranquil universe was damaged by rebellion and Lumaris joined forces with Asrathe to begin centuries of violence and corruption once banished to Earth. Read More
Seeking to fill the villages with a new religion for profit and control, church leaders turn to vampires and werewolves to create an unstoppable army. Read More
A government operation with extremely hostile members kidnap Protos in an attempt to harness his power to use as a weapon. Read More
A short story based on the creepy events that happened to my mother when she was a child. Read More
A married couple’s life will be altered in horrible and unexpected ways with the arrival of an orphan girl like no other. During a stormy night, a young woman dies from childbirth at a hospital leaving behind a beautiful baby girl. The orphaned baby is sent to an orphanage where… Read More
Lawyer Darwin Hicks puts up with his wife's theology with a roll of the eyes. Then when his son and daughter are in an accident, he angrily demands that God give him his power for a day so he can show him how to end evil on Earth. Ancient war… Read More
When her child is murdered, a grieving mother calls up an ancient monster created to avenge the innocent, but once it's job is done, it does not leave the city but turns on those who haunt the streets. Read More
An abusive husband finds out what it is like to deal with himself, while a severely disabled veteran discovers there is more to the universe than he knew. Read More
The city of Arbedge is ruled by a crime boss who has no fear, and is bold enough to challenge even the mayor to try and stop his crimes. As two of his best "girls" try to run from him, he confronts Protos as the immortal comes to Earth to… Read More

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The Review Chain House

The circus has come to Salem for the summer and horrible things keep happening to Corrine Devonshire. When she sneakily goes to the circus one night, without her grandmother knowing because she hates circuses with a fiery passion. She somehow gets wrapped up in an initiation on a whim, in… Read More
The Eidola Project, a team of 19th Century ghost hunters, have been tasked with trying to stop a deadly shapeshifting demon attacking the native people of La Push, on the Washington Coast. The team brings their own demons with them, in the form of drug addiction, a werewolf's curse, and… Read More
The Eidola Project travels to Petersburg, Virginia, to investigate a series of murders in the Black community—rumored to be caused by a werewolf. Once there, danger comes from all quarters. Not only do they face threats from the supernatural, the KKK objects to the team's activities, and the group is… Read More
A grad student and his new girlfriend become targets of a murderous coven. Can they survive? (Chapter One from novella) Read More
A gothic version of the X-Files & Supernatural. The Eidola Project is a 19th century team of ghost hunters who become ensnared in a deadly investigation of a haunted house. They are a psychology professor, his assistant, an African-American physicist, a young sideshow medium, and a traumatized Civil War veteran,… Read More
Sydney Pritchard is set up on a blind date by friends he meets Luca Thornstow a property developer the two beginna relationship Luca is hiding a secret Sydney is getting over an ex . What will happen when Sydney finds out there is also the issue off lucas dead lover Read More
A pair of confidence swindlers get more than they bargained for as they pretend to investigate a haunting. Read More
A prison worker gets an evil new guest Read More
James Riccio's life would be perfect if it weren't for the trouble caused by his landlord and two sons. James's solution for the problem is 'unusual' to say the least. Read More

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July 04, 2022

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The Booksie Classic House

Feofan has to protect Kazuki. Its her single task. But no matter how hard she tries, he keeps dying. Even with seemingly infinite chances, is it impossible to prevent Kazuki's death? Read More
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