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it is a story about a boy named peter, who was abadoned by his mother to enable him live a normal life. the plan was going smooth until a hiking trip, which awakened the side of him which lay dormant. with his new powers he struggles to maintain balance between… Read More
Elsa is sent to a school that is made up supernatural creatures.She soon discovers her presence in the school is causing a lot of chaos and she and her loved ones have to find a way of surviving these times. Read More

Book / Horror

February 06, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

Marcus Bailings is the love of all the high school girls and the envy of the guys. He's charming, kind, sweet, but he has two big secrets: one, he's a Reaper, and two, he has a taste for revenge. Blending in with the human world is a breeze, as long… Read More
These are just little ideas that i write down, so i don't forget them, and then in the future i put it together and make stories out of them. So yeah, hope you enjoy! Bye! Read More
There is a world unknown to us, a world where many people with different kinds of supernatural powers live. There is a group of people that have enough power to overthrow the Dark Lord named The One. Read how these 5 young kids battle fot their lives... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

5 years later, Lei has finished school and after cutting ties with her pack and the supernatural world after the war, she's stuck in a dead end job as a waitress. After the death of her mate, Jayden, she refuses to even keep in contact with any of her supernatural… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A girl in a world full of horrors. The life of a teenage girl? No.. More complex.. A life of a teenager she goes through these troubles.. Monsters.. Witches.. It all seems like a fairy tail now doesn't it? But i can Garentee its not.. Sh.. You will learn more… Read More
Riana Myster is a Novice Supernatural in the Saint Corporation. She is learning how to control her Secondary Powers and how to heighten her senses to the world around her. ... Read More
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