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San and the gang have finally made it to the summit of Olympus where they begin to undergo the Sigil Enhancement Program. The Goal is for them to finally awaken their Sigils as Living Sigils. Read More
Everyone possess a super power. Everything is going smooth for Hilda Nouvelle, but just because the 'unknown disaster' happen, she started to hate the government. She fight the government with her battle-mates for revenge, to protect the innocent citizens who died. A romantic but sad story then develop, after Julian… Read More
I'm a first time writer. I don't know if people will enjoy my writing style. Every is raw and unedited. Please leave me comments. I'll be updating this regularly. This book follows Rocket, a guy that feels empty, because he is unable to connect with anyone else. He is naturally… Read More
what if there were cosmic strings of fate that controlled everything? what if these strings caused the end of the world? What if a certain human was able to see these strings of fate and use them to his advantage? Mizushi used to be an ordinary human until Even Zero… Read More

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August 27, 2021

in the year 2022 a black hole opens up on earth, luckily for humanity quick thinking, money, and the support of nearly every country in the world the black hole was stabilized and no longer threatens humanity; however, a new threat has appeared. with the appearance of devil spawns creatures… Read More
There was once an age where the interplanetary alignment decided the course of magic and fate. Of all the interplanetary alignments, the alignment of the Five Point Star with the Sun as its heart was the most powerful. On the day of the alignment four special children were born who… Read More
Two years have passed since the Andersons defeated Tarantella and Sam's life begins to return to normal. Things begin to change when a newcomer called Jane Powers transfers to his school. She initially treats him harshly but after saving her from some bullies, Sam and Jane begin to develop romantic… Read More
This continues from Episode 99 since I can't post chapters past episode 99 in part I. Sorry for the Inconvenience. You can check out episodes you've missed here. SUMMARY: San, Ciella, Saito, Keiran, Ariel, Concordia, Mitsuki and Arlene begin to ascend the Mountain Of Olympus. At each level of the… Read More
Toby is a highschool student with a dark secret. unlike your typical high school student, he is alone by choice because of his past, he chooses to isolated to hide who he is, that is until his encounter with Amelia. Read More
Lexi John, a private investigator, discovered an ugly truth regarding her client’s husband while she was after him for he’s allegedly having an affair. Someone with a reproachful intent had been hunting down men with a certain characteristic in mind. The clash between the two promises an intense and aggressive… Read More
A young man destined to choose for the world's fate which is either destruction or salvation. As both realm of the divided globe is plunged with chaos and malice, the weight in his blade and the will within his soul will push him into which lies ahead Read More

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April 01, 2020

Science fiction themed poem on Coronavirus 2019 Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Eons ago, there was an age of great fighters known as the Jo-lan who drew their powers from mythical beasts known as Psychorages. They used their powers to ensure peace. However an evil fighter called Innovain who was directly descended from Souryu, an evil dragon Psychorage that once threatened humanity… Read More

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October 17, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

A world with chaos and struggle. And love, right in the middle of it. Read More

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October 11, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

After a mysterious earthquake killed his mother, thirteen years old Kôra Halin was forced to move from his village to the city. With his uncle, he thought he would be able to get over his miseries and move on. Of course he would not expect those inexplicable phenomenons and the… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

In a world of superpowers, 50% of the world's population has a unique ability. Some use it for good and some for bad. This is the story of a young boy with a big dream to become the greatest with the little power he has. **Updates every… Read More
This is the sequel to the story Izle Read More

Featured Review by BriannasBooks

"I like that you kept this story nice and action-packed, and launched right into the action right away. Leaving it on a cliffhanger was also nice..." Read More

Kindom is being shaken down.Rebels are rising.People are confused.King has to bring them all back and restore the peace. This is a story of rebellion. Read More
Neptar, a planet long forgotten through time. It's inhabitants have endured trail after trial, but none as great or as powerful as this. Join Mistery in his quest to stop an ancient evil from arising and bringing an end to Neptar. Watch as Mistery's story unfolds and his life… Read More
A man abandoned by God fights back Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

In an alternate reality where history differs from our own. In the 17 century ,America and China are at war,Cowboys Vs Ancient Chinese Warriors. China was in it's Qing Dynasty with it's leading war General ,Zhide leading the assault on the American Cowboys. One day,gunpowder is invented… Read More
Gavin doesn't like being poor. His family can't afford a home. He is trying his best to find a way to earn money. What if all of that changed. Read More

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Continuation of 1st Book of "Time-Leap" with some extra or you can say some information about an another storys timeline. Read More
A hero and his arch nemesis. They meet at a local store, and a hero battle ensues. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a story about an young man finding his way after living a life on the move and isolated for so long. He is special, not like normal people and he knows it. When he was a young boy, he found a black cube that changed him. Unbeknownst… Read More
Just a short story based off of a old one Read More
PROLOGUE You may have heard of “The Tragic Legend”. Of how an evil Dark Dragon by name Armageddon sought to exterminate humans and rule Ryugaeia. You may have also heard of the Dragon Knights who fought back and the Dragons who united their spirits to create the Dragonheart. But another… Read More
"The room is a swirl of commotion, but the voices sound muffled, far away. Screaming. Barking orders. Shapes flash by in my peripheral vision. Running. Escaping. Fighting. I can't move, can't think, can't feel. I only stare at the two unmoving figures slumped on the ground in front of… Read More
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