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The heroes legend was a story that was long forgotten, it held the very truth of how our world, along with the realms of many others came to be, and the sacrifice it took to create them. The legend was lost among the memories of man until a village girl… Read More
Byron never thought much about how weird it was for everyone to be afraid of his mom. In fact, he never really noticed it until he meets one of his mother's friends and their children. What's this AWG? What do you mean his mother was part of an all… Read More
Sand and sound are alike. You should cradle them gently, fingers wrapped around each other. Grip too tight, and you're bound to make a mess. Read More
After a nuclear war between Russia and USA, the States were at ruin. Some people found shelter in 'Crypts'. Some say there aren't many left. In Utah there were 75. Josh lives in the 75th Crypt there. One day he finds out something that changes his life completely and… Read More
Classes, Homework, Exams, Oh and your friends danging you over a pit of molten lava. You know, typical college stuff. Read More
The ultimate evil, Norex once ruled the world. That time due to its darkness was called "Dark Age". Centuries have passed since then. Peace once again filled the earth. "Evil never dies so should the heroes" that proverb gave rise to colleges; where students are trained to hone their… Read More
When Mark Konners discovers he has the strange, unnatural power to control fire, he is thrust into a search for answers and self-discovery that will change his world forever... Phoebe Burton lives a life of fear under her abusive parents. She eagerly looks forward to the day when she… Read More
Lisa is a perfectly (sort of) happy and, most importantly, normal teenager. the problem is everyone else isn't. Stuck where everyone is special except for her, she does her best to live life to the fullest. Then her mother one day decides to go on a trip with her… Read More
The earth is destroyed. But the destruction of earth is not the end of the living system in the universe... it is just a beginning of a new era of galactic colonies and universal countries. The remaining humans evolved themselves into immortals or demi-immortals, enabling them to live among… Read More
Mother Nature has devoted her entire being to perfecting four divine creations for over seven millennia, preserving what she had produced deep inside the Vaults, shielded from prying eyes. Four special teenagers each with their own unique semblance have had their youth and power maintained for thousands… Read More
What if something happened that devastated your home town? If you had the chance to save only a few of the people you care about, who would it be? After a mysterious explosion rocks the small, rural town of Cedar Rivers, the vast majority of the population disappears. In… Read More
This is a story about a "What-If"? It is story about children what is to come if the powers that be are unearthed to claim their victims upon victims. Read More
A group of kids find themselves captive and with superpowers. They must figure out a way to either adapt and survive or escape before they get themselves killed. Read More
A peek into a random day of three characters that you know absolutely nothing about. Involves: blood, swearing, weird magic, and science fiction-y themes. Read More

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May 15, 2018

3 lives intersect with the same interest. She is like no other. Yet, the deeper they go into each others' lives, the more difficult things get. How will each of them prove to her that they are the one? Or is there an obvious dog on top? Only true… Read More
S1 Of my large and generally complex storyline About a soon to be teen named cyber Read More
Jason State,born with telekinetic abilities who has spent his life hiding his powers from the world.But an incident involving saving someone has forced his to expose his powers to save them.His new unwanted fame then gains him the attention of other super humans like him..........some who are here to… Read More
People always tell you about the advantages of having "superpowers", but they never tell you of the consequences. Read More

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A family of six children must learn how to make the small town they live in accept them so they can celebrate Christmas again. They struggle in the beginning, but make it through as much as they can. They each have something special about them that they try and… Read More
In a place where superheroes are common, there are bound to be accidents during epic battles of good and evil. And of course, those accidents tend to happen to the most important part of the hero: their mask. Jamie Brewer is an eighteen-year-old girl who has a… Read More
I am writing a book. The book revolves around a boy named ray Lenten. He lives with his mum and dad Albert and Sarah Lenten His friend are called Lenny and Alice. Ray thought he was an ordinary boy in an ordinary family in an ordinary town. But he is… Read More
Elliot Daniels is a regular man who gets thrust into a weird place that resembles his earth quite a lot... But some things are very, very different. Like, why can't he die? And why is there a man with time-manipulating powers, or, gifts, as they call them? But most importantly,… Read More
Arulea is a great and powerful European empire, led by King Julius Regis. On the day of his coronation, Arulea attacks Nagisaki, Japan, without warning. During the attack, they introduce advanced new weapons such as the Phantoms, mobile humanoid war machines. This attack was devastating to Japan, and many lives… Read More
The story tells the tale of 26-year-old Ryasaki (also known as his clan name Nectaria) hunting down his older sister Shokishi (known as Corrosia) as she broke the clan's honour by using a forbidden, deadly skill. Only he can stop her and regain the family's honour... Read More
What was meant to be a simple after-school outing becomes so much more. Maisie Gardner develops a superpower, and is immediately thrust into a dangerous confrontation in which the odds are heavily against her. Her actions solve her short-term problems, but they carry consequences down the line. Read More
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