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Catwoman is a fictional character who appears in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with superhero Batman. Catwoman is a Gotham City burglar who typically wears a tight, one-piece outfit and uses a bullwhip for a weapon. Michelle was Catwoman, a normal woman who became a… Read More
the first few chapters are how the team gets together. Read More
This is the season one finale for the 'KIA' series. Amidst all the chaotic decisions taken by Gary, he now faces the consequences from a higher order. As with the conventions of the good and bad; when one falls, a new one rises. Find out who KIA's next target… Read More
Gary's idea to identify his true enemy is by unleashing a series of brutal arrests across Chiltern; including those of innocent civilians. He believes it's one way of getting KIA to present himself. In the mean time, we observe distinct behavioural features of Troy, a character known for his… Read More
KIA, after teaming up with Gary's enemy, pull soff an assassination attempt in order to scare Gary out of office. We are then introduced to a new character, Troy Nowitzki, who'll soon play a crucial role later on in this series. Amidst all the chaos, Gary has decided to… Read More
The mayor's kidnapping incident has left Gary and his cabinet divided on the issue. KIA is later held accountable by Mitch for his assault towards the Mayor. Edgar seeks consoling from his wife, Judy, who herself is facing a busy work schedule at the research institute. A new plot… Read More
KIA sets out a plan to get Gary out of the Mayor's office. It's his belief that fear will drive him out, rather than outright killing him. After uncovering the possible connections to Kaiser, he is under the assumption that this case will lead him into uncovering a far… Read More
KIA explores the mind and story of Kaiser; he's taken to a mental asylum where he learns of his upbringing and connections to the investigation. Meanwhile, Gary experiences an influx of criticism for his early decisions after taking office; he takes a call to reduce this pressure. Amidst all… Read More
Upon raiding the homes of the rape suspects, KIA unravels an interesting pattern. He discovers a common tattoo held by all the rape suspects, 'Kaiser'. This leads KIA into investigating into the origins of a new figure. Meanwhile, Gary receives and a mysterious call, instructing him to release psychopathic… Read More
The results of Mrs. Evans' autopsy report baffle Mr. Evans as well as the likes of Edgar and KIA. It has come to KIA's attention to identify Gary's weak-spot; to do so, he plots a live murder. What's more, KIA begins to reveal uncanny details of the rapists involved… Read More
When KIA is under the stress of not going into the action, Gary Norman takes it upon himself to blackmail Evans and his psychological well-being. Read More
KIA (Tim Campbell) is genetically engineered by his father, Edgar Campbell. Upon finding his purpose for being engineered as such, KIA springs into action as a symbol of justice, which is in danger under the wrath of those like Gary Norman. Read More
A young woman named Rebecca Forest lives in the quiet setting of Green City before her life is turned upside down. The peaceful city slowly becomes a beacon for criminals, super villains and heroes alike and the longer the turmoil plagues it's streets, the more Rebecca Forest has her true identity revealed. She has other… Read More
A mysterious robed man walks into a police station without explanation...and it is soon revealed he is anything but human. Read More
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