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It was a time of Southern greatness, and a time of commonness and dominance. It was the era of supremacy and superiority. It was the time of my life. A time I still remember, that evokes a sadness that has never left me. Never faded from my tempered heart. Read More
Almost a year ago (July, 2020), Melvin L. Thompson wrote a Letter to the Editor entitled “Patriotism and protests” that appeared in the The Monitor, a newspaper published in McAllen, Texas. It depressed and dispirited me. Mr. Thompson’s comments parroted the Right Wing rhetoric that has, and is, dividing our… Read More
Shimmering images, drenched in sun rays and sunshine, seem to rain from the summer sky, while waves of heat assault the withering and wilting life of every type and ever kind that squints and cowers beneath the fraying shade of innocence. Read More
A poem that aims to spark an intellectual revolution against white supremacy and poverty in South Africa. Read More
This is a true reflection on my racist upbringing. The first step towards wellness is admitting the problem. Read More
The first book in the Magnum Opus series, telling the stories of the 3 males and 3 females that change the new human race forever. Read More
A piece about the illogical supreme position of some, but not others Read More
I wrote this poem after reflecting the years that we have had with our children. They have been a blessing and really are a wonder to teach us important lessons!!! Read More

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July 09, 2009

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