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It's late August and Jody Simpson is excited that her best friend Teri Morgan is coming in for the weekend from Atlanta. The two used to be cheerleaders ten years ago at McHale Central High School in Columbus, Ohio, and plan to attend the first football game of the season.… Read More
It's mid-August. Deb Cummins and three friends are on their way home to Lexington, Kentucky, after a rodeo in Northern Ohio, where Deb won second place in barrel racing. Deb takes a wrong exit and runs out of gas on a dirt road near a cow pasture. Shortly after the… Read More
While at a rodeo in Arlington, Texas, barrel racer and former Dallas Cowboy's cheerleader Britt Hamilton receives a call from her best friend and horse trainer Sheri Combs. Sheri tells her she's been beaten up at the stables by a huge girl who's mistaken her for Britt. Later, the girl… Read More
Lauren Montgomery, a 29 year-old waitress, has just been cut as a Coyote Ugly girl in Nashville. Instead of looking forward to jumping up on the bar and dancing around with other Coyote Girls, making a ton of cash, she leaves the joint pissed off. After walking around the corner,… Read More
“She’s here,” said Sandy Munson, who followed the slim biker chick to the far stands on the opposite side of the football field. She watched the woman’s ass oscillate in her tight jeans, then stuffed her cell phone in her pocket. Some of the other girls were waiting behind the… Read More
Heather Colson has just arrived in Columbus, Ohio, for a rodeo event. She's staying at a Best Western hotel. She's lucky to get a room because there's a high school state cheerleader championship in town and all the other rooms are booked. Later in the evening, some cheerleaders blast their… Read More
My name is Jeremy Tompkins. I’m a journalist and graduate of J. K. Daffron High School in central Ohio, about twenty miles Southeast of Columbus. I was having a beer at a local bar with my buddy Todd Meyer the other night, and we started talking about greatest male high… Read More
It's mid-May and Brooke Rosenberger is looking forward to embarking on a real estate career in Florida, where she plans to move after getting her real estate license. Meanwhile, she's got one more drug run to make because her biker boyfriend Nick tricked her into the business a few months… Read More
It’s early June and Ashley Tucker is having a bad day after failing to place in a Michigan rodeo. While driving home to Fort Worth—in search of some new boots—she gets sidetracked on a rural road in central Ohio. She soon finds herself in a dilapidated western apparel store in… Read More
Brutal Girl Fight Action Like You've Never Read Before! Feel the Pain and Experience the Triumph! Now Only $3.99. Regular Price $5.99. The complete 8-novelette "Tough Girl" Series, featuring brutal fights, knockouts and survival struggles between biker chicks, rodeo cowgirls and regular women who are confronted by tough girl bullies.… Read More
The school year is about to begin at Madison High School and new teacher, Debbie Preston, a former Dallas Cowboy's cheerleader, is getting ready to move to Ohio to teach English at the school. She's been out of her field a few years, working as a promotions manager for the… Read More
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