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September 05, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

When a experiment meant to save the Earth's population goes horribly wrong, a selected few flee to space abandoning Earth and leaving billions to their fate. Now 150 years later on Earth, a young woman named Helena breaks free from a slaver camp and must fight both humans and hybrids… Read More
The first installment of a survival horror short featuring an alcoholic metal-head as they use stealth and quick wits to survive an unfolding zombie outbreak. Read More
A mysterious plague has crippled humanity, the government has fallen,and the only thing left is the survivors and the undead. This is a series of stories that I will be writing and releasing every other month please enjoy Read More
This is bad. I'm trapped back in Lair Dythanus, who has put me under lock and key. I'm no longer his honored guest...I'm his prisoner. Worse, the Dreamlily hallucinogen he dosed me with is making me see strange, horrible things. Ghosts. Mutants. Monsters pulled from my darkest dreams. Strange visions… Read More
It got worse. I've been captured by one of Miir's decadent nobles, an elf calling himself The Silver Lord. He seems polite, charming, and perhaps a bit silly. But if my time in Miir has taught me anything, then I can't trust his act. He claims all he… Read More
Well. Last night didn't go entirely as planned, and I'm beginning to see why this "Exile" is considered a punishment. But at least the guard I met last night is willing to keep his word: we're breaking out of Miir, just as he promised! Sure, we have to… Read More
It was supposed to be a simple job. Get in, get the goods, retire rich. Then my idiot partner screws things up, and I wind up on trial. Attempted murder? For blowing out a candle? Really? But there's a loophole. The city of Miir has this punishment… Read More
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