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To fulfill an owed debt to a friend--and to receive modest compensation--Ian Watson agrees to attend a private academy filled with rich students for the next two years. The catch? He has to assume the identity of a student named Roman Vance, who he not only has an uncanny physical… Read More
A simple detective takes a case that will change his life forever. Read More

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With a twist or two in the classic Romeo & Juliet story, Luca Palladino is a young, intelligent prince who represents the forbidden love between the famous musician and actor Vince Palladino and Princess Camila Juric, both of whom are from two entirely different neighboring cultures that have been at… Read More

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"A wonderfully written romantic novel." Read More

after crystal and her mother flee her abusive step father 15 years ago, crystal and libby moved from city to city until finally settling in new york and starting new lives. crystals mother got sick and after a quick and merciless battle with cancer, libby passes away. soon after crystal… Read More

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This is my contribution to the Writers' Tree House April 2022 Write-A-Thon. | The researchers at SentiTech have one rule when it comes to keeping their jobs: don't get attached to the test subjects. However, one employee finds it difficult to follow this mandate. What will the professor do once… Read More
I watched from the corner where I was hidden as she crawled out of the dark room in tears. Blood was coming out from the side of her head; she was sweating heavily. Her tears had mixed with her sweat and the liquid that was coming out of her nostrils.… Read More

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Fifteen years after Emily Walker's tragic murder the small mountain town of Quail Lake is once again faced with a killer amongst them. Someone is determined to reveal a truth that puts sisters Abigail and Avery Walker in his deadly path. Read More

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Just when you think that all hope is lost and you've officially hit rock bottom, the Universe gives you a new perspective and leads you down a path that is truly unprecedented... Photo by Joshua Fuller on Unsplash Read More
Anna searches for the hidden door Read More
On October 18, 2013, Autumn Marie Jensen disappeared from Gunney's on Route 93 in Kingman, Arizona. On October 18, 2024, she returned with no knowledge of her eleven-year absence, thrusting her into a life where nothing and no one is as she remembers. Her husband, Simon, is remarried, her two… Read More
A Beautiful Night A Restuarant A Couple And A Dinner........ Read More

Book / Fantasy

March 30, 2022

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Lust over fear; even while fresh blood permeates the air. What would drive others to this extreme after dying again and again, only to be revived waking in the same hell? Simple. The need to feed and breed. Too bad there's only one woman available and she isn't exactly willing… Read More

Book / Horror

March 28, 2022

Benjamin, a brilliant mind stuck in a mindless school, gets offered the opportunity of his dreams. A chance to study abroad in the new world. However, when he arrives in the growing town of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, he soon learns of a dark secret lurking in the mountains. A secret he… Read More
The crypt located on Row 2, Column 6 at Greenview Cemetery has been disintegrated - the shredded satin lining of the coffin exposed, the body of newly interred Bradley Cavanaugh missing. Sheriff Nick Dunn of the Carter County Sheriff's Office concludes the incident is an act of vandalism because dead… Read More
Ghost Girl DeeDee Olsen is back. Now a Child Psychologist, Dr. DeeDee Olsen Blanchard is treating a seven-year-old patient who is being haunted by the dead twin brother he never knew existed. DeeDee is led deep into the Florida Everglades by Nathan Banks, the deceased brother, to solve his murder… Read More
DeeDee Olsen was an average teenaged tomboy until a sporting accident left her with the ability to see and communicate with the dead. Her abilities inadvertently involve her in the murder of a fellow schoolmate and places her in the crosshairs of the murderer. Because when he learns of DeeDee's… Read More

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Real and weep. New chapters will be added every Sunday, so stay up if you like the first chapter! Thank you for your support! Read More
Meet Walden Day - a woman with a chance to change. Read More

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Mia Weller's parents owe the dangerous Rossi family $500,000, and to free themselves of their debt, her parents make a deal to sell their daughter to the Black Market. When Mia saves the life of Gavin, the boss of the Xavier family, by accident, he secretly pays off her family's… Read More

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"This last chapter is very intense. So many possibilities for the future. This has been a great read. Thank you." Read More

Book / Romance

March 10, 2022

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In the 42nd Century, society is broken up into 2 classes: People who consume data by selling their privacy, Creators, regular citizens. People who consume privacy by buying other’s data, Controllers, the viral sensation, the streamers and internet socialites. Controller are led by Deverz, the app makers. To keep Deverz… Read More
SIXTH BOOK IN THE TFR SERIES; WILL CONTAIN CRUCIAL SPOILERS! As soon as she got her boost of confidence, everything is ruined for Kita. While the sylphs smugly enjoy their victory, she doesn’t know what to do. Her will is bound; she lost a leader, a mentor, a healer, and… Read More
Fun poem about nature fighting back. We have overtaken nature and now nature has overtaken us Read More
A suspense- thriller in which a mysterious man is doing something which needs to be stopped or it may prove dangerous for numerous lives. Read More
The mystery deepens as the sheriff’s office and SBI continue to investigate the murder of local attorney, Carl Tucker, as a supernatural twist slowly emerges along with sub plots including high school romance and adulterous affairs in this small Southern town. Read More
If all goes according to plan, Walter Burson will vanish tonight to a new life ahead of him. But just how much can one man influence his destiny? Read More
This is the first part of a book in six parts dealing with a small southern town and a bizarre murder of a local attorney including numerous colorful characters, all connected to the inexplicable events that follow. Certainly nothing would ever be the same again in this once pastoral and… Read More
A recovering alcoholic greiving the deaths of his wife and daughter finds redemption when he is called to save a young girl. A story not defined in time, set in the Palouse in SW WA where gentle hills formed over tens of thousands of years from wind, blown dust, and… Read More

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You think you know someone until you don't. This was exactly what happened to Lexa Williams and It could happen to you.. Read More

Tags: murder, lies, suspense

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Abby, Rose, Aj and 2 boys get hit by a train, but something isn't right about it. There are no signs of a train. Where did it come from?! Read More
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