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For fans of The Atlantis Gene, The Hunger Games, and Red Rising, this high-suspense, action-filled, sci-fi novel continues the story of a teenager from the outback who finds himself fighting for his survival. In a race against time, now he learns it's not only his life but the existence… Read More
Astronomers meeting with bad accidents all around the globe had a secret they wanted you to know... Teams of hired assassins are on the loose, governments go into lockdown, and along with a global economic collapse a third world war is about to erupt. On top of the manmade… Read More

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The Review Chain House

Loretta the demon hunter gets herself trapped in a demonic dimension, from where she will be unable to leave unless she “earns her horns” by becoming a demon herself. Read More
Twenty two years old Melissa Abella was disturbed by a sex demon (Incubus) for almost two years. She decided to end her life, because she doesn't want to live in this way. Tired of being abused. But Carl Lopez, a former assassin of a huge cult and also a psychic,… Read More

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The Review Chain House

A police sergeant in a rural region, investigates the ritual Cannibal killing of a visiting high school girl. This is a sequel to my novel, "We the People Are Good to Eat". Read More

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The Vampire world House

A high school girl reluctantly moves with her desperate mother to a "Vampire Town", where the living and undead have agreed to a truce. The "New Girl" is told that she can "Get away with anything you want". She tries to fit in. Read More
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