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Middle School: AKA Taylor's years of hell. Taylor Swift Fan Fiction. Read More
The dingo goes out hunting, and hunts some kangaroo. Read More
As I raced down the mountain, the wind battered against me,trying to throw me off course, but I held firm. Read More

Poem / Romance

January 06, 2013

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This is some lyrics I changed around a bit from Taylor Swift's song "The Story Of Us" I love this song so much! >.< (mainly because I relate to it so well..) Read More

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For new and experienced writers alike. A challenge for you to practice your writing and develop as an author. Read More

Poem / Song Lyrics

February 07, 2012

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I personally asked Taylor Swift if i could use her name to write a song about her and this is what i got. Yeah i actually knew her before she became all big and famous. Read More

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This is about Juliana Gale. She lives with her brother in her aunt's house. Her aunt had two daughters who will make Juliana's life a living hell. But when the guy she hated the most stepped into her life, everything changes. She'll later find out who she really is. Read More

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A short satire, my salute to the great Jonathan Swift. Read More

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Louise always dreamt of meeting Taylor Swift. She was her idol, they even looked the same, the long flowing blonde hair, the cute dresses. Louise never actually thought she'd ever meet her. Read More
This is a story based on Taylor Swift's song--Mine. Read More
In this story, I deciphered the song "The Story Of Us" by Taylor Swift. I was told I should do this considering that I did the same with "Haunted" (see You Will Always Haunt Me...", and I was told it was good. So...enjoy! :) Read More
I tried to depict the story of the lovely Taylor Swift writing her song "Haunted". I read up on the story of the song and I think I did a pretty good job... And, oh, I do NOT know who the guy is, but I have a feeling it's Joe… Read More

Book / Romance

October 02, 2010

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This is a story based on Taylor Swift's song Mary's Song. I love that song and I think it's so cute so I decided to make a novel about it. It's gonna be really short and so is each chapter... so it's probably more like a novella haha :) I… Read More
Nick had never been in love before, then he met Macy. who will teach him how to love? will they work out and live happily ever after? find out in Half of my heart. Read More
Diana met Dylan one sunny day, when they were five. He moved nex door. They became best friends, and went through every single day together. Whenever Diana had to be apart from Dylan, she felt an aching pain in her heart ... How did it become more then just a… Read More
Avalin gets a taste of how Dylan is like. Read More
A contest by Gadzookziie Spice 99 Number: 13 Song: Taylor Swift, Love Story Hopes: That Gadzookziie will like it I wrote it in a sort of diary form and put some of the lyrics in- it's harder than you'd think because the lyrics rhyme and people don't just talk in… Read More
I was given Taylor Swifts song, You Belong With Me. I had to write a story based on it.For MikallaPersepolis Dare To Be Different Challenge. Read More
I wrote these for a creative writing class and thought they were pretty creative, not to be arrogant or anything. Please enjoy. Read More
Taylor Anderson has the perfect life for someone like her.She has an awesome band,Her Bff, And the perfect voice. What happens when Brian Stewart enters the picture? Will her picture perfect life be ruined? Will he be the picture perfect boy or is Brian all wrong for her? Read my… Read More
The battle through darkness and evil. The battle of love. Victory? or Failure? Who will win? Who will triumph over the other? Always a mystery. Who is the keeper? Someone holds the lock and key. Who? Read More
its by taylor swift...but i wrote it on the computer 4 jasper...BIG HELP! Read More
much like my hero/heroine poem, I wrote another cheesy poem, this time about the song YTeardrops on My Guitar by Taylor swift. I hope you enjoy my corniness. Comment if you think of any other words u can use to describe my poem. it was fun, though!! Read More

Poem / Humor

January 11, 2008

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Oh the irony of life..... Read More
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