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The Booksie Classic House

I've decided to re-issue my novel, Wanderlust. This is the near-final version which will eventually be published. Be advised that it may not be completed hear once I am readyh to publish it. Just before that happens, I will remove it once more, but you can then find it on… Read More

Poem / Fantasy

April 02, 2017

It's easier to walk around the mountain. Read More
A haiku inspired by my stay in Switzerland ... Read More
Summer 2009, we were soon to deploy to Afghanistan and time wasn't on our side as we decided how to spend our leave. A bucket list, a coffee and a broken arm later we were in Europe breaking our travelling cherries. After all the European traffic, missed flights and abnormal… Read More
In the summer of 1980, a maverick young doctor gave it all up, to hitchhike around the world. The first part of his odyssey took him through South America and up through Africa, accompanied by his mythical hunter companion, Orion. Between the Cartwheels is the sequel to that cartwheel, his… Read More
This autobiography describes what I have seen and/or done in various countries (Iran, Israel, USA, Italy, France, Slovakia, Switzerland, Greece, Scotland, etc.) Read More

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January 23, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

A true account of our honeymoon on bicycles. Read More
Hitchhing over 5 European countries for over 2 weeks definitely requires at least a little balls. Unfortunately we can't say that we were as gutsy as some would think - money, or a lack or it, does indeed force you to do moronic things. Hitchhiking definitely gave Jake and I… Read More
David Anderson, Brian Anderson’s brother is murdered by an assassin of the shadow figure known as Lucius, a major criminal in Europe, North Africa, Asia, and the Middle East who controls cocaine and methamphetamine sales throughout the eastern world as well as an assassin ring. Brian, one of Lucius’s most… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A poem I wrote. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

16 year old Sofia Bendon is waiting for the trip of a lifetime when her school class takes a trip to Switzerland. What she hopes to be an adventure, turns out to be a nightmare. Sofia gets attracted by superstar Damon Mill, and he just wont leave her alone. As… Read More
She's back, after all this time. I've waited 56 days for this... Read More
There have been a lot of debates that whether the governance system mentioned above is based on Universal system or not, which many believe is not. Just as the president of country is the symbol of its sovereignty, Allah as the Creator and Owner of the whole universe is the… Read More
Rebellious daughter, Shannon Slader, without warning becomes the heiress of forty million dollars. Until she turns eighteen, five months away, she is send to a boarding school in Switzerland to keep her and her money safe. Only then does she realize the peril she is in. With a heart-pounding shock,… Read More
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