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The Fantasy Realm House

In this sword and sorcery novelette, Castor Thorne must navigate a milieu of extortion and violence to stop a monstrous threat to his world. Two moons, a green sun, and the relentless glow of The Celestial Sphere preside over the ecumenopolis that is Asylum, where feudal warlords vie for prominence.… Read More

Book / Fantasy

June 04, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

When a million man army threatens the Kingdom of Marksylvania, Duke Aaron offers himself as a sacrifice to appease the Hutcaiah Emperor that seeks revenge for the death of his son. Meanwhile, Aaron's squire, Lysa, struggles for life as her arcane mixture of Orc and Elven DNA begins to conflict… Read More
The city of Gathandria is in danger from the mind executioner, and brother and sister Johan and Isabella must find a way to save it. However, Isabella has a secret mission her brother must never know. Read More
The Realms of Dahk'rah and Agranon have been seperated for thousands of years and for good reason too. Dahk'rah is a land of magic and mystical beasts and Agranon embraces science and technology. However, forces are at work that seek to tear the veil between the two Realms - the… Read More

Book / Fantasy

November 26, 2012

A classic story of the battles of good and evil. The sorceress Sage has started a war to destroy her two greatest enemies, King Verimas of Dagor and Hellfire, leader of the Free People Clans. She holds a secret that will rip their hearts apart or unite their worlds in… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The northern part of the island kingdom of Belaria comprises the Tropagian forest. The darkest realm; and a Belarian's easy nightmare. Besides thriving with unfathomable and ever bloodthirsty creatures, it also is the stronghold of witch, Mai Canniola, the vilest witch ever. And when she throws her intricate plot upon… Read More
The ancient enemy of the Royal Family of Noe, the Nephil'im were once thought destroyed in the flood. They have returned and this time El has chosen a new instrument of destruction. Read More
Charles is a teenager living with his widowed Aunt and cousin, Thomas. He thinks his past is simple as cream but is it really so?... Read and find out! Read More

Book / Fantasy

January 05, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Orphaned at an early age, Sandrine has devoted her life to the Order of Charon, a secretive organisation said to be responsible for countless murders. After almost a decade of faithful service, she is entrusted with a mission unlike any other she has undertaken; a mission requiring a journey which… Read More
What do you do when you are Caught between your sworn oath and love? For a Zobara of the Zfolam people there is only one answer. Read More
This story is a prequel to the English epic Beowulf that explains how he acquired his strength and chose his mission as a warrior. Read More
Artur Glise is known as an assassin of wizards that break the hearts of women. It's a market with great pay and the ability to meet tons of vulnerable girls, but on his latest job he may not only lose his life, but his reputation as well because someone is… Read More
The Kingdom of Mideani has it's royal knight hood--the force that the public sees, looks up, and holds accountable for all that is good and true. But to handle the dirty work that keeps the Kingdom truly in order--the work that can not be traced back to the royal family--The… Read More
Below is a summary of what readers are saying about Harbinger of Doom by glenn g. thater. Here's the link to the Amazon.com page for Harbinger of Doom: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/143821443X Read More
A warrior does battle with an invading horde to protect his home and his true love. Read More
They pulled out their hair and screamed. They prayed for heaven's mercy to fall upon them or not fall upon them, depending on their point of view. That was the typical response recorded 950 years ago, when the moon fell upon the earth, opened up a huge fissure, and released… Read More
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