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A real-life account of a tormented soul, the long journey that encompassed both the physical and emotional horror, the darkest secrets and candid expression of a journey that is now filled with understanding, healing, and endless possibilities for the future. Read More
Claire is a typical teenager, she thinks. She sleeps a lot, has a big appetite. She also has been getting headaches and losing interest in things she once enjoyed. Is there an illness that mimics similar symptoms of being a teenager? Read More
This article is about Medicinal Drugs. Read More
This is book about various mental disorders and the current therapies used to treat the symptoms. It is for informational purposes and do not attempt to be a treatment in itself. Read More
Her claws gripped on my flesh as I felt my soul get out of my body, and I fell, to the cold ground, I was half asleep half awake, within a dream... Read More
This article tells us all we need tio know abouut gastro. Esophegeal reflux disease. Its symptoms and all we need to know so read and be educated Read More
I am not afraid to say I have a bit of stress now and then. Instead of letting it get to me this time, I turned my episode in to poetry. Read More
This is a book about mental disorders. It includes signs, symptoms and treatment options. There are some self help topics and coping skills. Read More
Information about mental disorders with symptoms, signs, and available treatment Read More
taken from my book, "If Zero Isn't A Number, Then 'Who Am I?'" Read More
Background on how smoking has completely alleviated symptoms for one asthma sufferer. Read More
LEUKEMIA is a bone marrow disease that can be classified as chronic or acute. Read More
HIVES are usually caused by an allergic reaction to the skin that may produce wheals and reddness to the affected area. Read More

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CROHNS DISEASE is a inflammatory chronic condition of the colon and distal ileum. Read More
KAPOSI SARCOMA is known as a vascular malignancy, that can appear with nodules, purole or red macules, that will first show with mucus membranes and on the skin. Read More
The etiology of TRANSIENT ISCHEMIC ATTACKS can start with an emboli or traveling blood clot that goes to the brain that is caused by vasculitis, atrial fibrillation, cerebrovascular vasospasm, transient episodes of hypotension, polycythemia vera and many other diseases. Read More
LUNG CANCER SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS can include cough, trouble breathing like wheezing, chest pain and sometimes coughing up blood. It is usually diasgnosed by a chest x-ray, CAT Scan, or an MRI Scan. They also have a blood test called the CA 125 that can tell you whether you have… Read More

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A research paper about schizophrenia I wrote in grade 11 psychology/sociology class. Read More

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November 05, 2009

taken from my book, "I Better Not Be Dying" Read More

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MIDDLE EAR INFECTIONS or OTITIS MEDIAS can be caused by a viral or bacterial infection involving the upper respiratory tract. Read More
TYPE 2 DIABETES can be seen after the age of forty. It is the result of a problem with the insulin being released to areas of the pancreas. Read More
LOW BLOOD SUGAR or HYPOGLYCEMIA is caused by an abnormally low blood sugar in the blood. Sometimes the condition can be caused by aspirin overdoses, oral diabetic and insulin overdoses, also failure to eat. At times there can be neurological effects as well as aroursal of the nervous system. Read More
Podiatrist Orange County specializes in bunion removal, hammertoe surgery, bunion surgery, bunion treatment by podiatrist Orange County can relieve your pain and correct any related foot deformity Read More
A bunion is simply an outgrowth of bone on the side of your foot next to your big toe, while a tailor’s bunion is an outgrowth of bone on the side of your foot next to your baby toe.People are not born with bunions, however they can inherit a particular… Read More
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