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Basically this short story talks about my personal experience in life abroad and even after returning home how there was twisted manipulation by an organization who know more about our private life and how can they manipulate your thoughts through any kind of phaychologicql torture. To see wether you are… Read More
A story of coincidence, loneliness, synchronicity & being at the wrong place at the right time! Read More
A Sonnet inspired by the Song Trilogy "Synchronicity" composed by Hitoshizuku-P. This Sonnet follows the Dactylic Pentameter. Cover image credit to Suzunosuke. Read More

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Neko Slavin's miraculous adventure through time and space! Read More
re-telling of an event both life-changing and heartbreaking- my encounter with a stranger and how she changed my life. Read More
It is the early 1960s, in Australia, a time when gypsies, travelling shows and carnivals rest easily side to side with charming small farm properties. On a small farm, a young girl reflects on the unique characteristics of her world, and finds that her reveries and passions become true to… Read More
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