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Muld and Syndi have vanished, reappearing on a mysterious island without their memories. Can their friends and family locate and rescue them and will the pirate captain, Hobnail, finally get his revenge on the Practical Magicians Guild? Read More
Muld Mozzil's dream of bringing the conveniences and advancements of Practical Magic to Westmark was becoming a reality with the opening of the Practical Magician's Guild. But others schemed to use the new guild to further their greedy ends. Can Muld and his guild bring arcane technology to the capital… Read More

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June 04, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

When a million man army threatens the Kingdom of Marksylvania, Duke Aaron offers himself as a sacrifice to appease the Hutcaiah Emperor that seeks revenge for the death of his son. Meanwhile, Aaron's squire, Lysa, struggles for life as her arcane mixture of Orc and Elven DNA begins to conflict… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

As a demon-possessed Dragon destroys the Underdark, War comes to Westmark. Can Aedric's group find a spell to kill the demon before it is too late, or will help come from an unexpected source? Read More
Elderly Saint Keaven had devoted his entire life to the service of Yesh, but a stubborn witch threatened to frustrate his plan to restore a monastery for Yesh. Read More
As the Kingdom of Northmarch experiences a civil war, dark forces from the South threaten to exterminate all intelligent, non-human races in Synomenia. Will Aedric embrace his destiny as heir to the Sylvan Kingdom's throne? Will Eleazar be successful in rallying forces around him to stop the threat? Read More
A selection from Archmage Drake's book on the races of Synomenia Read More

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