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Some say Tran’s Doh Nhut Joint and Taco Chop began life in the mid 1970’s as a severely grayed old Mayan woman selling homemade tacos and burritos on the edge of an unpaved empty lot where the farmer's buses and cattle cars picked up the field workers. In the dry… Read More
A thrilling sequel to the story of Taco Cat! Read More

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Jessica is an ordinary girl who loves a musical group,Mindless Behavior, to the extent that she will faint over them. On her birthday, Valentine's Day, they are supposedly coming to her school and she is prepaired for anything that shoots her way. Or thats what she thinks.... Read More
Dripping liquid swords Ninja Psycho cycle Riding till the Dawn Lyrical miracle mile-Christ child- erst’ while Style content flawless- Chosen verbs for Herbs Seasoned grease with salt and pepper- Table holds the envelopes for chosen Prose to fold you. Sleeves with ease -inside the Hand dismantles Vandals product- Environmental consequential… Read More
To hurt somebody's ego, go after their national pride, the way Juggernaut go about. Read More

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April 05, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

A Pantoun repeats certain lines in successive stanzas: 1st stanza-ABCD 2nd stanza-BEDF so the second and fourth lines in the first stanza become the first and third in the second, and so forth. 3rd-EGFH 4th-GIHJ or GAHC. Confusing but there it is. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The title should be sufficiently explanatory in nature. Read More
This is just a random cute romantic short story I wrote out of boredom, after listening to a some nice music and reeeeeally wanting a taco. So here's the product of all that :) Enjoy Read More
Everything is sailing pretty smoothly for Sam Devereux. She’s got the best friends, the self-confidence-thing, and the future all planned out, because college is coming and she’s totally ready for it. Until her best friend and neighbor, Seth O’Reilly, starts making her question some things. Read More
While sitting over my #7 Crunchwrap Supreme Combo (It was good to go), I realized the importance of the Callout Guy. Where would we be without him? It is a scary thought. Read More
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