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Unsinkable: Short Stories from Taiwanese Writers Serenity International Publishing House $14.99 SKU:9789869639330 Author:Walis NokanAuthor:Gan Yao-MingAuthor:Lin Chun-YingAuthor:Luo Yi-Chun Format:Paperback Page Count:144 Trim Size:4.25” x 6” Publication Date:06/08/2020 https://itascabooks.com/unsinkable-short-stories-from-taiwanese-writers/ Read More
The shipwreck of the Rover, an American merchant boat, in 1867 off the coast of Taiwan had changed the course of the island's history. Read More
Indigenous Tsou writer Faisu Mukunana from Taiwan writes about the transition of rule when she was a little girl. Image by Bernard Gagnon. This excerpt is from her book Dear Ak'i, Please Don't Be Upset(translated by Dr. Tsao Yao-Chung) Buy this book at Itasca: https://itascabooks.com/my-dear-aki-please-dont-be-upset/ Read More
The Peterson Group is a non-profit organization/group information website and watchdog of counterfeit and illegal drugs. Read More
Canada already has a past in selling counterfeit medicines online. Canadian drugs have become a vital link for Americans who find drugs too expensive. Hundreds of online pharmacies were found to sell counterfeited and fraudulent medicines to naïve American citizens for the last decade and has earned millions of dollars.… Read More
FDA has envisioned the plan when a report has been procured. With its strategy for combating the spread of counterfeit drugs Read More
Distribution of counterfeit medicines is a global problem which branches out to different modus operandi and nature. It has also been an issue since forever. Read More
What happens if Four Taiwanese guys from well-privileged families become good friends? They would try to take over their highschool, exclusive rich friends' parties where drinking is legal even before the age of 21 in Los Angeles, USA. The Big Four is busy being glamorous everyday. They have no time… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a rather humorous attempt at an autobiography. Pretty much everything in here actually happened, to the best of my recollection. Enjoy! PS: The picture is really me from my 1957 Bitburg High School yearbook. The person who took it left it in the developer too long and overexposed… Read More

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July 02, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a new poem I just made...it's been awhile since I posted my last poem...here in booksie. I miss my old friends here. Read More
Iraqi security officers were very helpful, professional and respectful to all mourners. On Monday, at least 28 people were killed and 78 wounded in a wave of bomb attacks in central Iraq against mourners. I Ajmal Mehdi condemns in the strongest terms by volunteering my time in Karbala for help… Read More
The story of a boy who saw something he never should have, and ran away from home with his brother to escape what he had once called home. Discovering much more than they had ever thought possible. Read More
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