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Poem written on a rainy day bus ride to lecture Read More
distance and time cannot disturb the frequencies of love Read More
Just how I feel sometimes Read More
This is me trying to explain to my girlfriend how I miss her...while potentially suffering from separation anxiety. I am trying to communicate the torments and profoundly beautiful moments in an everyday experience. This is me trying to prove how when I think of her the world begins to peel… Read More
When we really deliberate on the choices and actions we have employed there is a tendency to look back and regret what we might have said or might have done in retaliation to a external source provoking you. This anger that was construed tends to diffuse over time and a… Read More
Life is a perceptive construction where "Nothing is Real. So Everything is Possible" (Burrows). Why not make it light? Read More
This is an excerpt from my book I'm working on and, perhaps, might never finish. Read More
The peculiar story of a woman after her husband was drafted. Read More

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September 01, 2009

Things in my head... go crazy and squeeze out into little images composing stories... word Read More
And over time i predicted something is bound to happen Read More
Hello mind. Awakening to something new again i see. Read More
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