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A fairytale about the little fox who desperately wanted to be able to fly Read More
A bear and his cub walk the haunted roads of Aesop Street, a shantytown where beasts speak and struggle for survival while men dwell in comfort. There is no food but what they can find, and to venture into the nearby woods to search for it means death. For that… Read More
To the far north of the country of Jalyne; on the outskirts of the great City Of Hana, the city of flowers,… is a dark frozen wasteland called the City Of Wolves. This place has been cursed since the fall of the Mad Wolf King, Deliro, for his transgressions against… Read More
Perpetua always thought Tygrys Bialy, Empress of the North, was nothing but a myth and legend to scare children. However, when the intelligent tigress threatens to wage a war on the human race, Perpetua is dragged into a dangerous journey to stop the magical queen. But who can stop a… Read More
An elf named Mittlebutter and a fawn (that's a young deer, like Bambi, not a goat-man like Mr. Tumnus) set off through Giant's territory in search of something and I don't even remember what it was anymore... This is a very stupid story that I started and then I forgot… Read More

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August 15, 2008

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Ok, I'm a fan of the latest zelda game, twilight princess. And I was watching my bro play and I wanted to make my own version, so here it is. Just a warning, its not done so if you read this you gotta check for updates. Read More
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