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In a city where it was forbidden to ever leave, a young girl named Flora and her talking cat, Tiger, became the first to escape. She makes it out alive thanks to Sparrow a wanderer and fire mage. With no where to go and no place to live she decides… Read More
After Casey's grandfather passes away, she inherits his antique shop. What she does not know is that the antique shop is anything but ordinary. She discovers that all of the items contain some kind of magic. To her surprise, her grandfather's cat, Mio, is not the average cat. He is… Read More

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Jack is a Fallen Angel. Yeah, wings and all that stuff. By the laws of her kind, she is to kill those creatures of the night that they call Vampires. When she has a run-in with one, will she allow herself to kill him, even if he's one that she… Read More
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