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This is a unique essay that will assist anyone, to understand, the human realm and how to act, so many times, we as humans have judge our fellow humans on their mistakes, but this essay tend to teach something new, read it. Read More
The essence of life is very inspiring, but I do not know how you going to feel about certain truth reveal in this essay, but I just want to let you know that, that is the basic principles of life. Read More
Baron's soul is a heart felt poem, it narrate a story of lost souls and how they feel, and what they ever wanted, this poem inspired us to know that some times we just need to listen to other people and hear their stories it may save a life. Read More
This is a romantic poem, with passion and want. Read More
Benevolence of art, it is a simple poem, that explain actually the beauty of art and the impelling nature of love it generate on the people that come across it. Read More
This book is unique and i expect everyone to read it , because it is a story that all , should read at, this story is about those that have been victims of war and more, this story is touching and i want everyone to take note , not to… Read More
Always is a heart touching poem , why did i said that, it is beacuse many time in people different relationship they blame each other without listen to each other, because many people do not understand the term love, love is been giving and giving is about trust. so this… Read More
This poem is about success, this poem is not just about me, is also about you . read it. Read More
The people of the outside, is a poem that talk about the people that are homeless and helpless, every day we pass them , but do not assist them, when you read this peom today, do not fail to assist the homeless and helpless people , maybe you do not… Read More
south west is a region in cameroon, in fact the anglophone region, the region that there is war, this poem just point out the people zeal for change and how they want it so bad. Read More
This poem is about African Leaders, it is a poem that explain what the leader are, maybe not all but some leaders in Africa. read it share it. this is a poem with a mesage. Read More
This is a narration of how there is no peace, and this can be cause by war, peace is something we all need but politics has taken the minds of our leaders, what can we say now, it a rare definition of war. this poem is also about Africa, about… Read More
A letter to my president, is a poem that narrate my mind set towards my president, it is not good for humans to be treated as less because of some political life, this is my letter to my president, read it and share it. Read More
UN-uniform is a poem about war, it is a poem about those losting their lifes in war in cameroon, it is a poem that show reason for intervention from humanitarian organisation, Un-unform is a poem of information to all. Read More
This is a real definition of what wealth, seem, because many people do not really know what wealth is for, so this peom explain what wealth is. Read More
Woman in power is a well dimensional poem, unique, suspensive and it is a warning to all, read it it is funny but dangerous. Read More
She might be a witch, is an interesting poem every aver reader need to look at and read, is a poem about sexualy immorality, you know many people take pleasure in jumping from one woman to another from one girl to another, this peom state what could happen to you.… Read More

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Dreamless dust is a poem about death, what death seem, because many are afriad of death, but in this poem you get to know what really death is all about. Read More
we all know what God thinks about us, but do not fail to know that, there are still many people that do not know, if God love them, but today, i want to used this poem to explain how God love you, please I plead with you read this poem… Read More
This poem is about who we are to God, how God love us, and what you need to know about yourself to God. Read More
This poem is about what education seem and what it stand for, ot it right if you read it. and know gor your self. Read More
This is about, gender equality, that is mistook for supremacy, it is about equal right to education, the peom is educative, inspiring, lucreative and is self help. read it and share it. Read More
God do not blame you, is a peom that explain ,it title, because many people live their life thinking that God is blaming them for the sin they committed but read this, and know why God do not blame you. Read More
The will power to success is a self help book both in developing an accurate will and also in finances, whosoever read the will power to success will get the most successful outcome because the book is practical, useful and it elaborate on building yourself and your success. Read More
It is a narration of death, what it seems, and how it seem, it elaborate, what death has don to great people. Read More
This immoral generation of political savagers, this poem explain hat it means. Read More
The benevolence od art is , speakable, it is undisputed, it give a clear, meaning of art, the real expression for art and the motions and heart imprints it leave on it prey. Read More
It apt that i have affirm this, and make no mistake of it, it is right and it is just, many people have downplay with the term war, many people have reside to war as a means of settling dispute, we all are in this community called earth, we have… Read More
This book is so interesting, it a story about a boy and hus friend who join the army in 1736, in other to fight the colonial maters, and alien forces, the book all narrate what military personnel are passing through in the war front,.it explain also about bad governance this… Read More
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