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This is a poem on the subject understanding it decribes what uderstanding is, it narrate as if understanding was in a human form, it give a parlance on what you should seek first as a human being in this life. Read More
Love oracle is a poem about love it is a poem that give the real basic for love, it explain what love is all about and give reason for it. love oracles praise love and tells of it powers. Read More
This essay is a clear understanding of the existence of God and his son, it is also educative in aspect of a prayer life of a christain, this essay explain every question you have been asking about God and also teaches how to pray to God, this book will be… Read More
This book is unique and i expect everyone to read it , because it is a story that all , should read at, this story is about those that have been victims of war and more, this story is touching and i want everyone to take note , not to… Read More
This poem is unique , this is the thought of a lover to his girl, He could say I he had the chance, read. it Read More
This is a poem base on a young love and compose this poem to express how love is to some people and how relationship is . Read More
If is a poem all about our lord savior Lord Jesus Christ “He is not Dead”. Read More
It is about me , it is about you, this poem bring to our mind self reflection. Read More
A poem decribing Mother Africa anf the children she has in her. Read More
This poem is a narration of what war has cause in Cameroun. Read More
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