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July 06, 2014

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A girl named Tessa had everything. She had the looks, the brains, the popularity, the talent and her wittyness that she is so proud of, who soon finds herself stalked by a another girl who she suspect to have the same face as her. What could be the reason behind… Read More
“I heard good things about you, I hope you can help,” the voice came from an old person sitting in dark green ‘Humber’, an old British auto make. It was in the parking lot of sugarcane research station in Jamaica. Juggernaut looked inside the car carefully to see who was… Read More
taken from my book, "Long After You're Gone Read More

Tags: tang, kimmi

taken from my book, "Long After You're Gone" Read More

Tags: tang, kimmi

Set in the year 720 of the Tang Dynasty, Prince Li Hei Jong(also called Shen Wai to members of the royal family) is awaiting the company from his favorite concubine. They share wonderful times together until she found out something that changed the fate of her life and many others.… Read More
This is what happens when you let Emmett and Nessie out! lol Read More
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