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this is a story of a girl who wish to draw a masterpiece in the midst of a strict Mom who always force her to study. The climax depends upon the result whether Tania achieves her aim or not? Rea it! know it! Read More
Me singing one of my songs live. It's saying that when you think you can't go on God simply say's yes you can :-) Read More
People will change and sadly we can't help that, they will come and go like seasons. Fall in love and fall out of love, It's all a part of life. Sometimes it will hurt us so bad a river we will cry, Other times it will make us laugh so… Read More
A Poem on Climate Change. Read More
Sebastian Risely has just been proven innocent for the murder of Christian Caldwell, but unluckily, the town isn't as forgiving as the jury was. Now, the witness of the murder has the whole city, and possibly the country, turned against Sebastian. He find his life heading into a downward spiral… Read More
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