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The title is pretty self-explanatory. Been working on this one for a while, just now finished Read More
At the end of the fiscal decade, accountants of the Peldak Protectorate must go over the financial records of every company in their domain, to make sure they've properly paid their taxes. A week into the process, everyone is tired and worn down. Read More
I guess this story of about 2,000 words could be the Genre of Humor, or even Crime & Drama, but I had to admit to myself that it was just a simple story about a simple guy that was just trying to do the right thing.. Read More
Not everyone votes that could and some that vote shouldn't, but if tax increases are on the ballot, (watch-out!), it is like a shark feeding frenzy. Read More
It's never too early to start preparing for tax season. Read these 5 tips to help you get prepared for tax season this year. Read More

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February 11, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

Just a short poem....... Read More
A young IRS agent makes a courtesy call to an elderly woman needing help with her taxes. Juvenile antics ensue. This is written using UK English style and spellings. Read More

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An adventure at Texas Roadhouse in Houston. This article was published on the NewsBreak app in 2019. Read More
Most goblins shun the limelight, but every so often one of them wants fame too much to stay in the shadows. Read More
A taxman is brought up on trial by the community for doing his job. Author's note: Another very old story, maybe even the second one I've ever finished if my chronology is right. Also, another attempt by 17 year old me to be deep and profound. The second to last… Read More
‘The Paperwork Rebuttal’ (Philistine Press, 2013) is a collection of narrative and poetry fused onto U.S. federal and state government documents. These documents include the mental breakdown of an accountant on a Form 1040, an unlikely hero found on a jury duty summons, and a victim of sexual abuse as… Read More
I read things every day about the path our government is taking to collect more money to pay for all the programs most taxpayers did not ask for or need. I read my "daily political poem" to my kids each morning and they get a kick out of it. I… Read More
This was an assignment. Feel free to be offended by my opinions; feel free to condemn me once you read the second-to-last paragraph; feel free to leave as uncivil of a comment as you like – but if you fail to give me legitimate counterarguments, I will take down your… Read More
Ryan drives on the wrong side of the road and has to do community service at a “mother-son” dance, a fugitive is loose in Hansbay, making people paranoid and Ethan becomes overwhelmed dealing with the business of the city while former Mayor Sarandon attempts to undermine him Read More
TaxClosure's website says they are the only online product for when you owe the IRS. They ask "Could this really be the best way to resolve your IRS tax debt?", so I decided to make up my own mind about their product. Read More
On surface, some issues Juggernaut don't get it, when he gets to the bottom of the issues, it is always "Give Me a Break," feeling. Read More

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A selection from a series of poems about Middle America. Read More
I wrote this after a history lesson, I hope some MPs see it, I really do. Read More
Arabella stared a rebellion on accident and became their leader, when see save her bf from death. But she is also the adopted daughter of most their most hated enemy. She has to becarefull full that nether side finds out. Read More
Taxes seem scarcely bearable now. what if bureaucrats decided that any and all pleasures should be taxed? Read More
A story of a head strong kid full of dreams. Read More
Eight radical ideas come into play towards fixing America; voting system, rebuild all law stemming from the constitution, prison systems, welfare system, break up large media companies, and last but not least a recycling law for everyone. Read More
A layman's explanation for the relationship between budgets, taxes & the free market. Read More
A law school seminar paper first comparing cap-and-trade to carbon taxes, and then exploring the possibilities of tradable permits for addressing other political issues. Read More
Scores of people die every day from natural causes, diseases, accidents, natural disasters, crime and what not; according to Hindu mythology, the Lord of Death ‘Yama’ residing in the Kingdom of Death will choose a handful just before their death for a conversation or a dialogue just to get their… Read More
President Obama signed the health care bill in to law today. Why is their uproar regarding positivity? Read More
One of the last memories I have of my grandmother who died to cancer years ago, is the year before when she took me to an art museum. Just out side my brother and I found a pigeon tangled up in fishing wire. Its wing was tangled, and its foot… Read More

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November 07, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

Alas it is true >. Read More
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