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I was about to make a life-changing journey from safe little New Zealand to meet the man of my dreams. This story relates the first step, a much looked forward-to, 3 day stopover in the magical isle of Tahiti. All did not quite go as I had imagined... Read More
A short love story. First time for a 32 years old guy to fall in love. The script is written in albanian. Read More
Jou bekkomernisse maak jou goed verbeel en dan dit glo as waarheid om my lewe te wil reel of oordeel. Se my wanneer sal jy leer dit maak my seer of geniet jy dit om my geluk te steel. Op die einde van die dag gaan dit oor my en… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Travelling back to college campus for start of a new semester is not fun; not if one was attending a college in India, at least not when Juggernaut was attending four decades ago. One has to reckon with bad cafeteria food, poor living quarters and terrible bathrooms in the hostel.… Read More
(Just to inform everyone who's reading this novel, It's my first novel and I would love everybody's opinion and information on how I can improve this novel. I'm only thirteen and I've just started learning The Reo O Ingarihi (English) this year. So feel free to give me comments on… Read More
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