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Short Story / Horror

October 05, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

Featured Review by Sue Harris

"Superbly written, Hully... full of tension and intrigue. I like the way you drip fed clues as to the setting, allowing readers to fill in pieces..." Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

I have never encountered someone’s aura who takes my breath completely away Kemy Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The story is placed in an apocalypse time period. The only civilization anyone knows is their own. Everyone has pretty mundane lives until a stranger shows up outside their doors. Read More
Team Natsu has a sleepover over at Lucy's apartment due to a heavy storm. But this sleepover was unlike any sleepover in history...this sleepover involved fire. armor, tons of ice, a talking cat, and celestial spirits. Will Natsu, Gray and Happy be able to survive Erza, and Lucy's drunken… Read More
"No matter what happens next, I will always love you." She's the valedictorian of her year, and he's an outcast. They both end up in the same hostel room and she's ready to make the most of it, but, behind his half-lidded eyes and smug smile, he's not who he… Read More

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The The Team Players House

On the planet Utopia in the Queens galaxy, Cameron Moriantes is taken out of his foster home and brought to a research institution for people who have developed "abilities". almost instantly he is enlisted in "squad 37" a group of five members who simply put represent the institution as the… Read More
The Alliance between the Jedi and Sith is shaky, Arcann is growing stronger and 5 young 16 year old jedi known as Alex, Lily, Brianna, Shawn and Cody are in need of hope. After a visit from Arven, Scarzon and Antonio Sestral they reveal a secret Enclave of Jedi that… Read More
This is the story of how eleven obscure monsters-Amihan, Chailai, Ava, Hideki, Tengfei, Darshwana, Kuparr, Fluffenheimer, Fenella, Mitsuyo, and Alsoomse-tried and failed to overthrow the US government. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

there is an agency that teams up real human with cartoon animals but when a agent name kevin is shot. the agency make a unlikely pairing teaming up kevin's animal a skunk name chris with kevin's daughter angelica. Read More

Tags: team, skunk, unlikely

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The Booksie Classic House

A month after Antonio Sestral joins Han Solo and his crew, they form the Enclave of Treasures (a group of Smugglers, Heroes and warriors who are hunting for treasures and to defeat the Sith Empire) and they establish a base on Yavin 4. Now the Empire has sent out a… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The idea of him was appealing, my two-dimensional man who treats a woman like a lady and shares fallacious intimacy. Read More
Anikan has escaped the void and is on his way to rescue his friends. They must rally their allies and prepare for the Final Fight against the Shadow Empire and survive the Corrupted Command Block Staff Read More
When the Shadow Empire starts it's invasion of BeachTown and the rest of the planet, Anikan, Hadyn and the rest of TeamPhased must defend their home and find the Castle of Evil Read More
In a world that's politically divided by wars, assassinations, terroristic destruction, human enhancements and power. Darkness and evil plots threaten innocent lives in rival countries. One man is chosen to gather a group of special individuals to be enhanced and inject a greater good into the world. Together they will… Read More
Two girls are set on an adventure in this fantasy accident. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Bridget Robin Lucas has always thought she was on her A-game. Not only graduating high school with honours but making a name for herself in not just the Army but the Special Forces as well. She thought she had it all figured out. Until she met Reese. Reese Martin has… Read More
Which side will you choose in the end? The side that wants to bring peace or the side thats greedy for power & destruction? Read More
When I read quality in a man's work, I decided I wanted to know a little more about him... Here's an Interview with a talented STAR... I'm sure that all of you could have similar interviews, the only question on my mind is; "Who would take all the time to… Read More

Poem / Poetry

February 05, 2015

EVerybody needs a support system to keep them uplifted, but also grounded Read More
The Utsi Rusi Team is Jailed. How will they escape? Find out. Read More

Tags: spirit, honesty, team, jail

Join Eevee, a human turned into a Pokémon, and his friend Demi, a Chikorita, as they journey to find out why Eevee has turned into Pokémon. The Ruverti region was once a Pokémon's idea of paradise, until a string of events caused it to crumble under everyone's feet. The cause… Read More
This story is about a cat and a mouse Read More

Tags: team, owner, jerry, toms

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The Booksie Classic House

When Lance Garron, a 17-year-old boy with the powers of a dragon, must break a centuries-long curse on his family line, can he succeed when the temptations of his own literal inner dragon seem to drive him into the plans of the Faerie who cursed him? Read More
A group of friend start a competitive League of Legends team and undergo the trials and stress that all pro players face. Howevem their personal dispositions create many problems. This story follows the rise and fall of profesional team AVQWOP and their junior team AVQWOP Acedemy, as well as the… Read More
Jewel is on the run and trying to survive. War rages on around her and she's been separated from her team. She relies on the help of those around her, but she's never sure who she can trust. Some will betray her, some will join her, some will be afraid… Read More

Tags: war, escape, bombs, team

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The Booksie Classic House

After being swept away by two kidnappers, Danny's childhood end when he discovers it was all a lie. Now it will begin anew as the legendary Boden; Manipulator of Earth. Join in as the boy is faced with the decisions of friend or foe, fight or flight, and ultimately, good… Read More
I found this a little interesting especially SSundee's but first up is the BUDDER KING!btw I dont own anything.I'd thought that i'd share that with you guys :3 Read More

Tags: team, crafted

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The Booksie Classic House

chapter 2 of fated to meet. hope u guys enjoy it!! Read More
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