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Sarah, I don't know what got you in my mind today. But you wont get out >.< I don't think you ever will actually. Read More
This takes place right after Edward gets back during the time when Bella basically blows Jacob off and doesn't talke to him for a while cause she is so busy with Edward. If people like it I will do more,and if people don't,well i probably still will,just maybe not as… Read More
Now that Orchid knows the Titans are after her, she decided to teleport into The Titans tower to get some idea of what she's dealing with. She thinks that the Titans would be sleeping, but instead is caught and asked questions. Eventually she gets away, but not before they get… Read More

Book / Science Fiction

May 24, 2010

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We always thought the ozone layer was in place to protect us from the sun, turns out, it was also there to protect us from something else. Read More

Book / Romance

May 12, 2010

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Alexandra Sean is an average high school girl with a normal life. Running is her life. When Alex makes the varsity cross country team, it seems like the fast track to being cool. The popular girls notice her and the hunky captain of the boys team is giving her rides… Read More
This is a short story of a night mission in Afghanistan. It is told in the first person, and remains unfinished. Read More
looks like they finaly noticed aqua is missing wonder what they will do lol enjoy :) Read More

Poem / Humor

December 29, 2009

Winter poetry for you to enjoy and share with your friends! Read More

Essay / Other

December 27, 2009

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About who u think will win on new moon TEAM JACOB OR TEAM EDWARD Read More

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Short Story / Other

December 22, 2009

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It is about will he win or not or why is everyone on his team? Read More

Tags: edward, jacob, team

Twilight humorous dual this is travis brown and glenn menteer. hi speech and debate judges we published it =] booYAW loopholes FOR THE WIN -travis and glenn anyways people who dont know us we wrote and edited a twilight script and here it is enjoy =]! Read More
{Author Note} I like ghost hunting and ghost hunter shows. This is fashioned somewhat after one particular group, however, I stress that I’m not breaking copyright rules and I’m simply using models. That is how I write best. Please leave comments and votes. This may be for a competition! Also,… Read More
A poem about working in an office, I wasn't happy there. Read More
Twilight Fanfict!! This one is for The werewolves. Only Quil and Seth thou. First, Quil and Autumn Have been best friends since 5th grade [Thats were the story starts]. As they get older, Autumn finds herself falling in love with Quil. Of course, once he becomes a werewolf, she doesn't… Read More
Ok, so I don't like the twilight series very much. Not poor writing (which it does have, but some areas are ok) or anything everyone else complains about, but they're just something I sort of grew out of, especially after seeing the movie and meeting some fan girls (worst. experiance.… Read More
Liz Watts is the captain of the netball team, the best player they've got. Boys would happily be her everything, but since a bad experiance she's never taken a liking to boys since. What happens when old feelings come back with an old boy from an old school? Will Liz… Read More
Sorry about the obsessive list making lately. I was thinking about this during practice today. Thanks to Megan for the help :) Read More

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at the end of grade 8, i bid my classmates farewell.this poem is dedicated to all justice (my section) league whom i'll miss for the summer.we call our section the justice league because i belong to section justice, named after a band of superheroes; but since we're all girl, heroines.… Read More
my class wrote these short funny storys. we took it in turn to write a sentance fold it over so no one could see what yuo wrote and them pass it on to the next person, and i thought i would share them with you, i'll put a space were… Read More

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You may be wondering why I am posting unfinished stories, the truth is that many of them were very good ideas, but perhaps it just wasn't for me, thats why I haven't finished them. The other reason is that I want to know what people think of my original writing,… Read More
A common happening at an evening Baseball game. Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 26, 2008

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A poem about my favorite sport. Read More

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A classic 1980's action villain (ie The Terminator) meets with a modern idea of a group coming together to stop his chaos (ie Hellboy) Read More

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From the mouth of my coach in Poetry form. Read More
TEG is led by a strong, proven, active management team and advisors include: Read More
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