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"The rain continued, yet there was sunshine" A Sequel to Raindrops Read More
"[..]is she here because of something both us know, yet we cannot seem to figure out what?” Read More
Follows the thoughts of an old war veteran, as he sets out to complete his final task, influencing the lives of all he meets. (A three page story, with a beginning, middle, and end. Simple.) Read More
Captive without Care tells the true story of 3 chimps that needed help. Whilst embarking on voluntary work the author reveals how he came to meet the chimps and how he became entwined in their problems and those of other animals he met along with them. The story details the… Read More
Scott has a secret: he can fly. After the deaths of his parents and brother, however, he doesn't use his gift. He can't bring himself to be happy while his brother is dead. He just continues existing, unmotivated and apathetic, consumed with sorrow. Then, an energetic, cheerful girl named Sophie… Read More
This is a piece about how we are effected by things parents can do or say. How an overbearing father in the 50's literally formed his sons life for the worst. Read More
This is a story to touch people, it shows how a child loves his mother o so dearly and sometimes what we love is snatched away. This is one of my favorite story's as i put alot of feeling and emotion into it. Read More
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