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This is the completely politically correct response to my letter explaining that videotaping a person collecting a urine drug screen test as opposed to having a live same sex observer in the room was against the 4th amendment of the Constitution. Read More
Methadone Treatment Centers in WV are placing video camera's in the bathrooms in order to video a patient when collecting a urine specimen. This is supposed to be in accordance with a new law requiring direct observation of ALL urine specimens. But the method used is unconstitutional and infringes upon… Read More
Plunge more deeply and serenely into meditation than you ever thought possible. 60+ exercises plus strategies for making meditation a much easier and more customized process. For beginners and advanced students of meditation, Qigong and Yoga. Read More
Whether you are considering life coaching as a career or for self coaching, Dean Amory's Complete Life Coaching and Personal Coaching Course is your best guide for coaching your coachees and yourself towards maximizing your life potential and achieving a happier and more fulfilled life. This is the last in… Read More

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I’m starting this writing blog that’s basically about writing and like the things I’ve noticed while writing. It’s just suppose to be my thoughts on various writing techniques and at the same time things I’ve noticed to help me improve and such. Read More
I was so excited to see that two people sent in e-mails requesting advice! It's not a large turnout, but it's definitely a start. Here are the Anonymous Advice for Tuesday, March 19, 2013. Enjoy! - A Read More
Ideas on how to combat cabin fever in winter, while waiting to go fishing. Read More
A slender middle aged brown skin man with a ridiculous mustache squeezed in a very narrow space taught English at a college that trained students in agricultural sciences. Mr. Purshotham, the English teacher wore either a light Green or Beige trouser alternatively week long and never wore a short-sleeve shirt.… Read More
Attempts to provide information which will help people with a mental illness utilize in their treatment plan Read More
We will be looking more into the persuasive side of advertising and the techniques used on consumers. Read More

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Memes and genes influence the mind through means of meditation we can shape memes to work for mankind instead of against us. Read More
I would like to take this opportunity to talk about the ways a tutor can initiate contact with the students. Things to come in this paper will be methods, techniques, acting ploys that the tutor can use to make themselves more available to the students. Read More
Here lots of fun and alternative lifestyle with profit – saving plus value – making ideas and techniques. Contents Introduction 1 Russian country 1.1 Belarus 1.2 My native town, Rechitsa 1.3 National Traditions: “KALYADY”, “KUPALLE” 1.4 Ritual Belarusian National Food 1.5 The wisdom from Belarusian Poetry, a fable “The Ram… Read More
This is my science essay for my teacher Mr.Baco's Earth Science class. I'd really like to know what you people think of it because I really want a good grade on this!- Courtney C. Read More
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