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The Omega Event follows a group of eight teenagers who discover the truth behind a world ending nuclear event that could mean the end of America and themselves. After their initial disregard of the truth, a deadly encounter leads them to realize that the end is truly upon them. Desperate… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Seven teenagers. Three survivors. One prophecy. Long ago, the elites of the kingdom of Crystallea created the Rosewood Academy to train the children to protect themselves and the land from horrid monsters called Evils. It was prophesied that seven students from academy will defeat the ancient evil that has plagued… Read More

Book / Romance

August 09, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

It was like summer rain. So warm you could sleep in it, so cold you needed someone else's heat. He was that warmth. He always would be. [Reader Insert] Read More

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"I love your writing, Meg, your phrasing, your dialogue, your tactical use of food! Your writing's a breath of fresh air to me, and I so relish t..." Read More

Having to live with her uncle in the army base, Jessica lost all her hopes for a happy life.A sudden decision and a flash marriage might change her life. Read More

Tags: marriage, teen, army

A cute little flash fiction story about remembering the first things in our early teenage years growing up! Read More
The Girl In Blue is a story about a teenage girl who experienced a ton of life trauma included deaths of her loved ones. Struggling to make ends meet, Rachel goes through life trying to bite the pain of her past. One day though, her entire life changed when she… Read More

Tags: teen, romance, drama

Alexander, or Allie as everyone calls him has a new diary. You now have the chance to enter the confusing and exciting times and tribulations of being a teenager. Being a teenager is something we must all try, and it is not easy. This is the modern version of the… Read More
When Damarea, a Nigerian native gets a one-way ticket to Kenya, she soon realizes that everything is not as different as it seemed. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This a love story between Amada Johnson and Lucas Okoye. Amada came back from the states because her mother couldn't handle her again. She has also been hot head and quick to act making her to always find herself in trouble. So, her mother had to send her back to… Read More
Caring for yourself is the true acceptation. Read More
Alissya was more than just aspiring. She needed her life to go perfectly as planned. But the plans started to go wrong as she agreed to date this idiot only for three months. Was it always that easy to go according to plans and rules? Read More

Book / Poetry

May 12, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

A poetry book of a life of crime, mystery, heartbreak, and so much more. This is dedicated to the people, alive, and passed, In the parkland shooting. I pray for you, Read More
An unusual story about an exceptional pre-teen with the extraordinary ability to.......well, you'll see. Read More
who are we really, without thoughts, without imagination? Read More
Artemis Kaliaski is plunged into a world they do not understand. God. Monsters. A mysterious girl. A road trip across America. An evil corporation. A magical bus. And their best friend - Dante Smith - together they travel across America trying to stay one step ahead of Satuska Industries -… Read More

Book / Young Adult

April 11, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

3 Months. That's all you have to make a girl fall in love with you. After that? Well, you break her heart and move on of course. Read More
Teen mystery. Beta-jean and Saracen investigate an island. Will it lead to more than bargained for? Words 1250. Read More
lowkey everynight i just stay up and drink coffee and write shit that i think about everyday but dont realize it. i dont know. I just want to be different. Read More
nightly thoughts of who i wanna bbbb Read More
just like night thoughts i guess Read More
Andy, an 18 year old girl who suffered memory loss after a nearly fatal accident, witnesses her mother being kidnapped by creatures she’s only seen in her nightmares. They’re not real...right? With the help of her boyfriend, she discovers a huge secret...is it possible that her whole life is a… Read More
Hailey's brother, Harrison, has become her legal guardian after a couple of years of surviving in a traumatic foster home. However, Hailey was unknown to the new addition to the house. Or in this case, Hailey and Harrison were the addition. Moving in with her brothers best friend, who has… Read More
Dr. Jules Spenser is brilliant, beautiful, and has the attitude to match. She’s a core member of The Corporation, a covert counter-terrorism organization run by her grandfather, Buck A. Davidssen—a retired Maine sniper—that fights terrorism, foreign and domestic. As a Neuroscience Physicist and Nanotechnologist at the South Padre Island Advance… Read More
a young adult wakes up to find news that could change everything forever. Read More

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Book / Romance

December 30, 2019

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The Booksie Classic House

After suffering the sudden loss of her mother, Harlow turns to the only family she hadn't realized exists. She adapts to the new home, stranger and the truth about her parents. As stated in her mother's will, Harlow is requested to go to the only supernatural, safe college. Harlow, who… Read More

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The Night Owl Hotel House

Jordan Albrite and Quinn Mitchell, best friends since birth, are just entering into their senior year of high school. After a couple of breakups and one awful night. Will these two best friends become more than friends or crash and burn? Stay Tuned. Read More
Lower Manhattan, 1981. Brad Yardley is an average sixteen year old in New York. One day he sees someone dead in the subway, while he's shopping. As a result, he becomes involved in the bad behaviour of a killer on the loose. The new horror novel by Robert Helliger, author… Read More
A super soldier battles assassins, terrorists, mutants—and life as a high schooler. Read More
Megan Robertson is a thirteen year old girl in New York. When she attends High School, she struggles to fit in. That is she meets Ally Kemper, the rich girl of Porter and Delia Kemper, at a party. Ally is known for her sleepover parties on Saturday nights. Can she… Read More
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