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Four friends awaken in a void without memory of how they arrived and are approached by a demon who gives them a simple contract of eliminating an angel's servant, a simple task, but one that may come with more ramifications than any of them could have accounted for. Read More

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Being a part of the GSA, having three openly gay friends, and kissing her best friend should be enough for Teagan to come out her Senior year. She's sure it's time, but when a boy from her past comes back and they click, Teagan wonders if it's worth it. Her… Read More

Tags: love, teen, romance, bi, lgbtq

Tyson was just out of high school when he took a job mowing lawns for some extra cash. He was hoping to save up enough money to go to college. This is how he met Wyatt Du Sable, four years his senior and a world apart from what Tyson has… Read More
What happens when the largest Child star in Hollywood is no longer cute or adorable. Her fans do not want her to grow up and yet she does. Hollywood no longer wants her. She retires before most people start working. We follow the life of Lourdes Aires, who now has… Read More
Follow the story of Frankie, a teen navigating the flows and eddies of life in high school while struggling with his own identity. Being new to his school and dealing with bullies, Frankie tries to find some small measure of brightness against the canvas of darkness that seems to surround… Read More
This is the story of a girl falling for another. Feel free to comment and give some constructive criticism or praise! Read More

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This is a 4 part story that is about a friendship between two thirteen-year-old boys. A story about how prejudice, discrimination, and fear can hurt friendship, and test it to the limits. Read More
Avery Parker may be the only witness to one of the most horrible and baffling crimes the small town of Elmwood has ever seen. There's just one problem: Whatever Avery knows, she's not talking about it. Read More
Gracie Hornwell appears to be your average 18 year old girl. Juggling college, a relationship, a part time job, family. But, there's more than meets the eye. Gracie was chosen by a secret group to kill people. People who deserved it. Much like Jigsaw and Dexter, The Agency finds people… Read More
the world has changed for the 8 angels who now are on the run for they no longer know who to trust. as their lives have been changed forever who can they trust and why did everything go so wrong. Read More
a short story about a young teen named leah struggling with her mental illnesses. the story progresses throughout a process of leah's struggles and how she decided to get over those obstacles. Read More
Follow the story of Frankie, a teen navigating the flows and eddies of life in high school while struggling with his own identity. Being new to his school and dealing with bullies, Frankie tries to find some small measure of brightness against the canvas of darkness that seems to surround… Read More
Alison Dean dies and tries to warn her family about the end of the world. Read More
This is a rough draft of the first chapter of a YA novel I am writing. I know that it needs a lot of work so I am posting this to receive feedback and constructive criticism. Please let me know what you think! Thank you! The story is about a… Read More

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After barely escaping The Celestial City, class 3-f is back to school, completing missions and such. Once more, Erick and Elise are the teachers. This is the continuation of My Teacher, Death featuring more revelations and unlikely allies. Read More

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Have you been in a situation where life surprises you with death? How ironic and not really something I'd wish to experience ever. In all honesty, I did ask for a change because my life can't be placed next to the words 'thrilling and exciting'. It's boring as hell.… Read More
Jesse Quinton is 16 and an avid writer. Tho shy and reserved, Jesse finds himself unable to keep his attraction for Colt Hauser, contained. Colt is his brother's 19 year old friend, who is hot and keenly aware of the desire he is instilling inside the dark haired teenage boy.… Read More

Tags: love, gay, teen, erotica, sex

Pat Evans just want to enjoy boarding school. Of course, missing the first half of term while filming a movie in Hawaii doesn't make that easy. Neither does having a brother who refuses to be seen with him in public. And, just to make matters worse, he's falling for brother's… Read More
I didn't know what transformed me. Read More
A perfect world. No crime. No hunger. No war. Everyone has a purpose; everyone has a function in society. Everyone is safe from the monsters that terrorized the world hundreds of years ago, those monsters have faded into forgotten taboos. But in a perfect world, what does an imperfect person… Read More
when doing the right thing leads to more trouble... Read More
Seventeen-year-old Ana spends every summer at Camp Piquaqua, the family campground owned by her Uncle Owen. This year, he wants her to lead the overnight hikes. Unfortunately, this means working with TJ, Owen's brother-in-law, a boy her age she can't stand. In preparing the camp for the summer, tragedy strikes.… Read More
Life is anything but boring for Megan Phillips, a psychiatrist in a large Midwestern U.S. city. From birth to death, we accompany her on a winding path as she experiences being disowned, gaining a BFF, becoming an MD, and watching as her fiance is murdered. But as for all of… Read More

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15-year-old Billy wasn't looking for a fight, but the world desperately needed a hero! Billy and his sister Susie set out on an adventure with their mother after the sudden suspicious death of their father in San Diego. Headed for their grandfather's ranch in South Dakota, they experience terrifying danger,… Read More

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Lacey is a 16-year-old girl about to start her junior year of high school, with her 6 best friends. Christa is the blonde bombshell, Chris is christa’s twin brother and boy next door, Declan the boy she loves and the boy next door, Andrew is the party boy but don’t… Read More

Tags: love, secrets, teen, drama

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Xhulia është një shtatëmbëdhjet vjeçare me vetëbesim të lëkundur kundrejt paraqitjes fizike dhe jo e kënaqur me mënyrën e jetesës që ndan me familjen e saj e të vëllanë, Markosin. Mikesha më e mirë për të, Elena, është në dukje vajza më e bukur në shkollë. Si pasojë e… Read More
Throughout her young life, Penny Davenport has been subject to social trauma from her school peers. As such, she has spent most of her life with just herself, her sister, and her mom. Soon, she begins to develop a striking interest with writing, and she is more than eager to… Read More
A collection of over 50 poems by an up-and-coming teenage author, covering a wide range of topics from love, to mental health, to coffee. This is an interesting, perceptive insight into the teenage mind, in the form of abstract and free verse poetry, written and collected over several years. Read More
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