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Henry, a Senior in High School, can't seem to find his parents and loneliness is starting to drive him off the ledge. He can't recall periods of time for unknown reasons, and the only thing he can recall is "black loneliness". Read More
From Christmas of 2011 to the end of 2014 I wrote in a journal. I included original poetry, theories about the world, spiritual revelations, and personal experiences that I learned a lesson or two from. In the pages I lay out my soul and have a lot of pride in… Read More

Book / Young Adult

September 06, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

Arucethrople National Talent School. One of the most well known schools that allows students to choose a course according to their talents. 5 teens start their first year as the new first year class. Rena Bright, Jonah Reed, Jensen Smith, Katie Leigh and Madison Hart are five 15 year olds… Read More
A teenage girl trying to decide between a popular good looking guy and a shy, cute unnoticed guy. she doesnt like making decisions, which one will she decide will she pick any at all? Read More

Poem / Other

February 01, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

wrote about how I felt about life at the time. I hope you all like it. Read More
Four cartoon-like pages are presented here from the nonfiction book entitled Character Concert. Read More
This is a page for the teen nonfiction book entitled Character Concert which is available from amazon.com. Read More
Amber-Katbryn Poland Kateri is your typical teenager. She jumbles schoolwork, sports, friends, enemies,and a boyfriend. But the world around her is slowly disappearing. Literally. The way life was before will never be the same, for the apocalypse is here Read More
Nadia Coffey is the kind of girl who hates cutesy stuff. In fact, she cares nothing for those vampire romances that are floating around as of late. But when she is forced to move to a new town and becomes involved with a vampire, she fears that her life could… Read More
This is a short story on myself, everything ive been through within the last year and a half. Just when I though I was living a normal life, everything turned crazy. It was like I wasnt here in this world with everyone, it all felt too fake and too good… Read More
(Okay you guys this is original summary but I'm not sure whether I'm going to do this or not so cross your fingers!) A TOTAL LOSER, BECOMES A SUPERSTAR... When a normal unpopular girl becomes assigned to have a gothic cutie piggyback her on her 17th birthday her life makes… Read More
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