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June 26, 2014

A first chapter of a novel I started, but I'm not sure if I want to continue. I posted this on Figment and Wattpad, as well. Read More
Various things tend to happen in a world with no control. In this world, however, there are people who will do anything to keep the world together and some who would much rather watch the world burn to ashes. The differences between these two kinds of people determine the value… Read More
Engulfing himself in the virtual world, Ryouji Hasumi stacks cold memories and a certain wish in a long labyrinth backed up in his head. The events that will occur after solving that labyrinth are unpredictable. Read More
A boy named Deetro has a very normal life, but he discovers he has never been normal. He finds a girl drowning in the ocean and discovers she has amnesia, she has no idea where she's from or who she is, so she doesn't remember her own dark secrets, but… Read More
Matt Newman was just an ordinary teenager in San Francisco, that is until he was swept away into a world of mystery and suspense on his first day of seventh grade. Thrust into a chaotic war with ancient evils awakening, Matt and his new friends must find a way to… Read More
Five teenagers get pulled together from Community Service. They don't get along at first, but soon they get to know each other and what hardships are in their lives. Read More
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