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Short story based on true events in my life. Kate is a Lesbian and has to try very hard to hide her relationship from certain people to avoid breaking the family. This story looks at how to copes with that. Read More
Taneesha, fifteen-year-old girl, is torn. Her parents are separated and as much as she loves them both, there is nothing more than she wants for them to get back together. However, her older half-brother, Dirk, doesn't seem to want that... Read More
Jake, a 16-year-old high school student, is involved in an accident in which his parents die. His days at the hospital are nothing short of hell and he's taken in by his Aunt Cassandra - his mother's sister - who makes it quite clear that she doesn't want him. But… Read More

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December 29, 2012

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Jane Parker had always been second best to her sister, Jenna. She suffers from a serious case of depression and sometimes resolves to cutting. When she starts falling for her sister's crush, Adam, she loses control of everything she had controlled before, and all her lonely miseries bring her and… Read More
A poem telling the problems facing teens of this day in age and the only real way to save them from themsleves. Read More
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