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When Stiles' dad goes missing, Derek and Stiles' go out to search for him - when they run into the towns new villain 'The Glitch' they are spun into a world a little too normal. OR The one where Stiles' and Derek get transferred into a world where the supernatural… Read More
Have you ever heard the phrase; "Curiousity killed the Cat"? Well, Mya St Clare knows that this is more of a fact than a riddle. Mya St Clare is the new girl in Beacon Hills High School, she has no idea about the Supernatural, but what happens if you go… Read More
Hello one and all! This is a fan fiction I have created set during season 4, right after Liam was turned by Scott. Avery is a character that I created myself. I hope you enjoy! :D Read More
Scott slips up and mentions Stiles crush on Lydia. Derek gets jealous and "confronts" Stiles about it. Read More

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Stiles fell asleep during the movie. Read More
NOTE: THIS IS IS A STEREK STORY AND CONTAINS HOMOSEXUAL THEMES. DO NOT READ IF YOU'RE OFFENDED BY GAY LOVE STORIES. In an alternative Teen Wolf universe, 16 year old Stiles Argent feels like an outsider in the town of Beacon Hills. As a closeted teen, he is overshadowed by… Read More
-ideas from the TV show Teen Wolf- -I'm using all of the same characters and names, it's easier for me to visualize- Scott McCall is a teen wolf. His love intrest Allison Argent doesn't know anything, her father on the other hand is a werewolf hunter. He wants all of… Read More
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