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25 years old, California girl Katelyn Norris left her fancy life in LA and moved to the heat of the southern state Texas to start fresh from the haunted memories she had with her friends and family. She wanted to be alone to figure things out, to figure how to… Read More
In hindsight I suppose, I should have read the signs, not obvious, but subtle… The evidence was there. I thought I’d become immune to the constant disappointment, when an arranged outing or visit from him just didn’t materialise. I’d learnt over the years not to ask any questions. It was… Read More
Assignment: To write a 2,000 (2,200 word max) creative piece of a chosen genre targeting a particular audience with appropriate use of grammar/language throughout. Chosen Genre: Fantasy/Sci-fi Target Audience: 14 – 16+ Read More
In a country filled with manipulative, mastermind government, who wouldn't want to run away? Lori wants to escape, be her own person, with a new life and new adventures. A way out. But, when she awakens in an unknown place, her family gone, and no memory of her past ambition,… Read More
My blood ran cold as soon as the words left my father's mouth. "Dad no. Anything but that." I begged, clasping my hands together in front of me. "I'm sorry V-La but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me! For us, Val. It'll be a new beginning."… Read More
A story of a teenage girl in the early 1970's who becomes pregnant in a time of cultural change regarding women accessing abortions. The story revolves around the treatment of the girl especially by the medical profession of the times. Read More
This is a story about the downward spiral a girl, Rosie, brings upon a few peoples lives. Though it's fun and exciting, bad things always seem to find Rosie, whether it be from her past or just out of the blue happenings. Read More
it is about a young girl who is sent to a child prison for self harm where she meets the love of her life.In this whirl romance between her boyfriend and her they are disobeying prison policies.It shows how love can still exist in the darkest of places Read More
From a glance, Carmen Korramere looks like a pretty average teenager. She's everything but. She is trapped in her mind and sometimes it helped predict obstacles in the future; although she didn't know she had this ability, so the present scared her just as much as anyone else. Follow Carmen… Read More
This is a story about teenager Sean Davis whose life is turned upside down before he is even born. His struggle for revenge is almost as necessary as his struggle for truth in this ever-changing world. But can he find out the truth, before the truth finds him? Read More
We are the reflection of those above us. If you fear us - you fear yourself. Children's Stories is a play on words. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_e43fWEt7A Read More
The philosophical value of Emesis, or vomiting, and two fictional people's experience with it. Read More

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After my Mother died I wasn't sure how I would cope with my life. But Jamie was there, my beautiful boyfriend. He helped me through everything. I didn't think it could get much worse but then it did, Jamie finished me. But the bad things didn't end there. Read More
As of right now, my story is about a teenage girl who would appear to have everything, but inside she feels broken and while she tries desperately to make the pieces of her life fit together, she cannot cope, and cuts herself. Read More
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