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Two High School Girls meet, both from radically different backgrounds and Social Strata. One, had no real friends, the other, no real interest in more. But a friendship blossoms and grows into something solid. But a drunken accident makes one of them wonder if something more might lurk under the… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is a teaser excerpt from my story Changeling. Lexi is finding out that the man who raised her from the time she was four years old is a fairy, and he's much darker than she'd ever known. Now with help from Sven, Dillon, and Roger, she'll begin a journey… Read More
When Teenager Tiffany Alvord moves into town and falls in love there is jealousy and anger in the mind of Zoe Schicksy. Tiffany and her Lover boy eventually get together and have to overcome the biggest catastrophe ever. Read More
Sage Auborn is just 16 years old when she comes to the sudden realization that-life sucks. She starts to dsicover a common thread throughout her life,that her past is constantly coming back to haunt her. After shortly coming to the conclusion that she cannot run from what has already happened,… Read More
A high school aged girl tells her story, holding deep secrets that she has never told anyone mixed with the complicated life of a typical teenager. Read More
this is a short poem about my life as a previos teenager, i had a harsh love life .. but didnt we all as a teenager? this is the firts of peoms i am submiting from my book '' life as a teenaged girl'' i am currently working on it… Read More
A basic summary of my life now, and the years leading up to who I am :3 Read More
Alyssameep and I have come together to write this story! =) It is a WORKING title, and we're up for any suggestions! =D She writes Mason's P.O.V. and I write Belle's. =) ---- When Belle Oppenheimer won her school talent show, she had no idea she'd be given a scholarship… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

She's dressed like a prep, reading like a nerd, with marks of an emo. He's a skater with a pure bad boy attitude and a secret to die for. She's the three things he hates about people. He's the kind of guy she runs from. Allan Right and Stacy Frank. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Juliet Carter wishes that music didn't exist. She regrets it once she finds out her wish could destroy more things than she assumed, hence the saying 'be careful what you wish for'. As she finds love and begins to like the new world, though, she realizes she made a big… Read More
that between a teenaged girl and her parents. Read More
I havn't decided what the title will be, I'll probably decide later on when i actually know where its actually heading lol, suggestions would be great though :D Read More
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