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How would we feel about it if society became this in 800 years? Don't judge a book by its title. Read More
What happens when everything you’re used to and know gets broken, your family falls apart, your memories fade and your life gets turned upside down? For Regan Kennedy it’s normal to get in trouble these days but I bet she never expected her trouble would cause this… her father has… Read More
Lotus is a flower waiting to bloom. The world is a mystery to her and as she tries to sort out her own life, she tumbles through the lives of others. This is a story about growing up and facing our reality, because sometimes that's harder than it seems. Read More

Book / Horror

September 24, 2008

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The Booksie Classic House

this is about a girl, he father is cruel. she is beaten and cries at night. but she finds that every thing has a silver lining. some are big and some are thin. but her and her friends help her get through every thing that comes her way whether its… Read More
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